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    73 people died in 60 days, with double deaths in six days, figure 148

    The official death toll from Corona in Delhi has reached 148. The first death from Corona was on 12 March. As of May 11, 73 people died in 60 days. At the same time, in the six days after May 11, the death toll more than doubled. The Corona Death Audit Committee on Sunday confirmed 19 deaths. However, there is not a single death in it during 24 hours. The number of corona positive patients has also increased to 9755.

    The Corona Death Audit Committee has confirmed 19 new deaths. Sent to hospital near summary committee of deaths. After studying this summary, the committee declared these deaths. There was no death from Corona in 24 hours. According to the bulletin, the number of corona positive patients has increased to 9755. 422 new corona positive patients were confirmed in 24 hours. The number of patients recovering from corona increased to 4202. In 24 hours, 276 patients have recovered and gone home. Corona has 5405 active patients out of a total of 9755.

    On Sunday, the Corona Death Committee confirmed 19 deaths

    According to the report, out of 9755 corona patients, 6850 are under 50 years of age. 1412 is aged 60 and over, while 1493 is aged between 50–59 years. Of the 148 who died of corona, 130 were 87 percent ill. The government has reported a coronary death rate of 1.52 percent. Of this, 5.45 percent are 60 and older. 2.68 percent are 50–59 years old. 0.45 percent are 50 and younger. Samples of 1,35,791 corona have been examined till 12 noon on Saturday night. At present, there are 1767 patients admitted to hospitals. Of these, 152 are on ICUs and 21 on ventilators. Apart from this, 698 patients are admitted in Covid Care Center and 143 in Covid Health Center. At the same time, there are 2142 corona patients in home isolation and 76 containment zones.

    Sixth death due to corona infection in Faridabad

    The total number of patients in Faridabad-Gurgaon has gone up to 455 with 19 new cases received in a single day. In 24 hours, 11 infected have been found in Gurgaon, 3 in Faridabad while the total number of deaths in Faridabad has increased to 6. The number of corona infected in Gurgaon has crossed 200.

    ACP Corona positive posted at Rashtrapati Bhavan

    The report of an Assistant Commissioner of Delhi Police (ACP) posted at Rashtrapati Bhavan has been Corona positive. He is posted in the Security Unit. He has been admitted to a private hospital for treatment. ACP, which was found corona infected, had also given duty in Rashtrapati Bhavan till Friday evening. According to Delhi Police sources, 8 soldiers on duty there have also been quarantined.


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