After Corona, now floods devastated in China, for the first time since 1961


After spreading coronavirus infection worldwide, China is now troubled by the floods. In the last 6 decades, China had never seen so much rain before, due to which all the cities here have been inundated.

People are taking out boats on the roads here. The cars parked on the road look completely submerged. In provinces like Wuhan, Hubei, water is seen everywhere. Temporary walls of mud are being built to prevent water. According to the information, so far, China has lost more than 8 billion dollars due to floods. Many major tourist places in all the cities of China have also been affected due to this flood.

It has been raining in China since June this year, which is still going on. Yangtse, China’s longest river, was flooded due to heavy rains. China has been keeping a record of rain since 1961. According to this record, since 1961, such rain had not been recorded before. Nor has this type of rain been recorded before in his records. So far 140 people have died here due to rain and many people are missing.



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