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    Creepers and Crawlers – The Look-Alikes of the Notorious Cockroach

    Among the many common pests you might find in your house once in a while, cockroaches are one of them. Even though you might think that you know what a cockroach looks like, sometimes you may be mistaken. There are several other insects that look like cockroaches, and it is easy to get confused. And to get rid of them, you need to properly identify them. 

    Whether it be cockroaches or other insects with similar features, you do not want to share your home with these notorious, unwelcomed guests. To control them, you must first make sure which insect you are dealing with. The best option during this time is to hire pest control coral springs services. 

    Four bugs that look like cockroaches 

    1. Water bugs.

    The term water bug involves many bugs, including water boatmen, water striders, and water scorpions. They are usually two inches long and are grey and brown in color. It is common to confuse them with cockroaches due to their similar appearance. 

    However, there are some noticeable differences as well. Unlike cockroaches, water bugs do not have an antenna. They also have pincers, like mosquitoes, which help them to catch prey.

    1. June bugs.

    June bugs, also known as may beetles, measure about ½ to 1 inch and vary from brownish red to yellow in color. As the weather gets warmer in May-June, these insects emerge from the soil, hence the name May beetles. These bugs feed on foliage from fruit trees, plants, and crops for nutrition. 

    1. Wood boring beetles.

    These bugs can damage your property. However, they are essential in decomposing wood. Since these creatures gnaw on wood, it is often confused with cockroaches. Wood boring beetles can be found in untreated lumber or dead trees. 

    1. Asian longhorn beetles.

    More than 200 species of longhorn beetles are found in Florida. These insects do not pose any threat to humans as they feed on dead and decomposing trees. However, they have been recognized as a serious threat to the easter hardwood forests of America.

    1. Ground beetles.

    Ground beetles have a shiny, black exoskeleton, which differentiates them from other bugs. They are common in Florida and found in warm, humid climates, similar to cockroaches. These bugs have shiny wigs and are mostly active at night. Their long, flat body type can help you differentiate them from cockroaches.

    1. Giant water bugs.

    Many people often get confused between cockroaches and giant water bugs. However, they are completely different species. These insects are brown-colored and measure about two to four inches long. 

    Since professional pest control experts have knowledge of various pests, their appearances, and ways to eradicate them, it is best to contact them for help rather than DIY. So, do not wait for the problem to progress. Call pest control services today!

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