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    Dead body found in 19 days due to no report of corona testl

    • Negative report after death, funeral of elderly with social distancing
    • The family requested the hospital administration, then the report was received

    If a patient dies in Delhi due to Corona virus, then the family is forced to take a heel peak to get his body. One such case has come up in Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital. The family found the body of an elder on the 19th day. Naveen, who lives in Kheda Khurd village, said that at around 8 pm on April 25, an elderly Subedar Singh (65), who was in his kinship, was admitted to Ambedkar Hospital. The doctors declared him dead shortly after. Subedar Singh was suffering from diabetes for a long time. He was retired from Daisu.

    Doctors told the family that they were experiencing some corona symptoms, which would lead to a test. The body will be given only after the report is received. The family accepted the doctors’ point. According to the hospital administration, their sample was sent to a lab in Delhi. On that day, 8 samples were sent from this hospital, out of which the result of 7 arrived. But a repeat sample came on the report of this elder. Now their sample had to be sent again. When the hospital administration sent their sample again, the slots of this lab were found full and it was said that the investigation will not be done here at the moment.

    After the lab’s response, the sample was again sent to the Biological Institute of Noida on 7 May. Meanwhile, a government order had come that no sample of Delhi will be examined in this lab in Noida and on May 11, he returned from the sample Noida to Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital. After this, the sample has been sent again to the lab in Delhi on the same day and it is said that it will be reported today or tomorrow. After much distress, the family appealed to the administration that an elderly person called Ms Kohli on the phone from the hospital at eight o’clock. In which it was written that the test report has come negative. You can take the corpse from the fronts. He took the body on Thursday. The body was shown to the family from the ambulance at the door of the house for two to three minutes. At the cremation ghat in the village, 4 family members went to complete cremation and wearing gloves and cremated the body.


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