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    Mumbai Bandra Station Shramik Special Train Tickets Registration News Updates On Stranded Migrants Workers


    Additional force has also been called from the nearby police station on the spot.

    Thousands of people gathered outside Mumbai’s Bandra station a month ago.

    More than five thousand people gathered outside Mumbai’s Bandra station on Tuesday morning at 10-11 am to catch a labor special train. Only one thousand people were registered for the train which was to leave. Police had to use mild force to handle the ever increasing crowd outside the station. The police removed all the workers from there. According to the information, the Shramik Special train was going from Mumbai to Bihar. During this time, passengers flaunted the rules of social distancing.

    Till noon, there is an atmosphere of chaos outside the station. Police are constantly appealing people to go home. A large number of women and children also arrived at the station. Additional forces were also called from the nearby police stations on the spot.

    A similar incident had come before

    Thousands of people had gathered outside Bandra station in Mumbai a month earlier and started demanding to be sent home. After this, the police had to drive people by lathicharge. In this case, a case was also registered against 6 people including a journalist for inciting the mob.

    20 lakh laborers applied for return home
    There are 20 lakh workers in the state who are trying to go to their home state. Most of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Pashthan are from Bengal. So far, about 3 lakh laborers have been sent by the Maharashtra government to their states. There is no record of workers who have gone on a private vehicle or on foot. This has been confirmed by the State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh.

    Migrant laborers should not go to their villages with Corona: Uddhav
    Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has appealed to the public on Monday to not get infected and go to his village. The Chief Minister said, the parts of the state which are green zones have to be protected. They are not to be allowed to become red zones. Those currently in the red zone have to be converted into green zones. Therefore, there will be no relaxation of restrictions imposed during lockdown in Red Zone.


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