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    PUBG Lovers: Here’s why you Need A Spoofer!

    HWID or Hardware ID is a sort of identity information linked to each hardware component of the PC like GPU, CPU, sound, and graphics card. When all the ID info received from the PC parts gets combined, a unique ID is developed for the PC, termed HWID.

    An HWID Spoofer provides the alteration in the HWID of the PC and therefore be a solid shield against Anticheat tools and Anticheats policies while playing any game, like PUBG. 

    PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, was released in 2017 and had seen the highest grossing in the subsequent year of around 50 million. With bloodshed and adrenaline warzone, players are pitted against each other where survival is the priority. They have to search for weapons and battle till only one remains alive for Chicken Dinner!  

    Spoofer Perks for Players!

    Won’t it be amazing if you win consecutive games? The HWID Spoofer offers you some tips and tricks indeed-

    A Gratified Win

    The player can use the Aimbot cheat to shoot anyone and anyhow and from anywhere. The player can also practice a headshot on its enemy that finishes him off. The no recoil cheat of firing a spray from absolutely anywhere is another means to make the game easier. Another way is the wallhack, where the player doesn’t necessarily have to worry about targeting the enemy appropriately but shoots at any angle that kills its opponent. There are also means to increase the speed of the player and quickly loot items. 

    These methods are illegal indeed, but not everyone is a professional player, so it is alright sometimes to use some of these hacks. If caught, then you need a spoofer. 

    Safe from Detection

    Developers of the PUBG game have incorporated strict policies against hackers in their Rules of Conduct. Failing to oblige might lead to suspension from the game and a ban on accessing it from the same ID. Before HWID Ban, the restriction was not severe, as players could easily make another ID and re-enter the game. 

    But after the strict banning of HWID, players can longer enter from the device that had been under use while banning. It is so because some latent files exist in the device that had been detected while banning, and when the user uses the same device, the game remains inaccessible because of the detection of a banned HWID via those files. 

    Therefore, to erase the traces of a banned HWID and reaccess the game, the PUBG players need an HWID Spoofer. While undetected HWID Spoofer functioning cannot be guaranteed, it is still an effective method to utilize. 

    How Does The Spoofer Work? 

    PUBG follows some investigation criteria that involve a temporary banning period of 3 days till probing and permanent bans if found guilty. 

    The HWID Spoofer performs the activity of removing those latent files that had been on the radar while banning the HWID. Once these files get removed, players can reaccess the game and enjoy it to the fullest. Installing a legit HWID Spoofer helps the player to stream the game and also does updating of spoofers. 

    A player may choose to report to the company’s official website if the ban imposed is unfair. The player may resume once the ban is removed.

    How to Download A HWID Spoofer?

    An HWID Spoofer can be installed easily. There are many available to access. The leading one currently is the Sky Cheats. One can also opt for time2win.net that offers several HWID Spoofers or HWID Changers. These have to be bought based on monthly or daily packages and then run smoothly on the desktop. Some other websites provide IP Spoofers via VPN. 

    The Spoofer is generally updated every once a week. Whenever the Spoofer is updated, it gets offline until the new code is provided for further smooth functioning. 

    HWID Spoofer, in a way, is an illegal terminology in the world of the game where there are strict policies to stop the intervention in a fair play. If caught, harsh permanent bans may be imposed. Around 2018-19, PUBG banned more than 100k gaming accounts every week. In April 2021, PUBG reportedly banned 1.6 million accounts. Therefore it is up to the user to utilize the Spoofer.

    PUBG game itself is currently banned in 10 countries, including China and India, on respective grounds. Still, the popularity of the game remains unfazed. In July 2020, PUBG had hiked sales by 70 million.



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