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    Sensex opened up 173 points and Nifty 39 points; US market Dow Jones closed up 377 points on Thursday

    • On Thursday, the Sensex closed down 885 points at 31,122 and the Nifty closed up 240 points at 9,142.
    • Yesterday, the Nasdaq US market closed up 80 points at 8,943, up 0.91 percent.

    The market opened up on the last day of trading on Friday in the week. Sensex opened up 173.39 points and Nifty opened up 39.65 points. However, the market fell in the first minute trading. Earlier on Thursday, the market closed down heavily. The Sensex opened 542.28 points down and the Nifty opened 169.6 points down yesterday morning. The Sensex had fallen below 955 points during the day’s trading. The Sensex closed down 885.72 points at 31,122.89 and the Nifty closed 240.80 points down at 9,142.75 at the end of trading.

    Fluctuations in markets around the world

    On Thursday, there were ups and downs in the worldwide markets. The US market Dow Jones gained 1.62 per cent to close at 23,625.30, up 377.37 points. At the same time, Nasdaq, the second US market, rose 80.55 points to 8,943.72, up 0.91 percent. On the other hand, the S&P gained 1.15 percent to close at 2,852.50, up 32.50 points. China’s Shanghai Composite was up 0.39 points at 2,870.74, up 0.01 percent. Markets in France, Germany and Canada closed down.

    Death in the country and the world due to corona

    The number of corona infections in the country has reached 81,997. Of these, 51,374 reports are positive. At the same time, 27,969 infected people have been cured. So far, the number of people killed by corona in the country has reached 2,649. These figures are according to covid19india.org. On the other hand, the number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide has reached 4,525,420. Of these, 303,372 have died. The death toll from Corona in the US has been 85,533.


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