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    Write for us

    All the young authors and aspiring writers facing trouble publishing their work, this for you all! We Newstrend TV appreciate the young minds because we know their ideas and thoughts are fresh, and that’s what everyone needs today. If you have a good insight into various topics, have good writing and research skills, invite you to write for us. You can send us a blog post on any of our mentioned categories and get a chance to publish your work. 

    We understand how difficult it is today to publish your guest post, everyone has different criteria, and some are very pricey, yet they are not credible sources. But if you plan to write a blog or paid guest post for us, none of this will be a problem for you. We treat our writers as assets and value each word they write.

    We aim to deliver top-notch quality content to our audience to learn and benefit from what we have to offer them. If you write for us, your content must be informative and jargon-free. We see many writers sending us filler content on topics that require a lot of details. So please don’t do that to yourself and us because that’s just a waste of time. 

    Newstrend TV highly appreciates well-crafted pieces featuring images, interlinks, videos, etc. Moreover, we only promote unique ideas. So, try not connecting with us if you have a habit of stealing someone else’s idea. Do you have your idea? Perfect! Get in touch with us right now.

    Our Categories

    Newstrend TV publishes various types of paid guest blogs such as informative, “how-to,” reviews, formal, informal, and those featuring pros and cons. But our main requirements for all of them remain the same. The content must be your own, jargon-free, grammatically correct, readable, and engaging.  

    Some of the top categories that we feature are jobs, sports, tech, gadgets, health, government, politics, covid 19, etc. You may send over any of your well-written articles falling in these categories. If there isn’t any, and you still want to write for us, worry not and craft a compelling piece now!

    • Latest

    We encourage all aspiring authors who want to publish a paid guest post on our website to write content for our website’s “latest” category. You may write on any latest topic in the field of health, technology, politics, sports, jobs, etc. Your writing style should be friendly and engaging. Moreover, ensure jargon-free content. Lastly, your words must not hurt anyone. Write positively!

    • Covid-19

    Covid 19 has taken the world by storm and has adversely affected people globally. The everyday situation keeps changing in covid-19; the spike is sometimes high, sometimes low. Also, we see a lot of variation and mutation in it. The signs and symptoms still aren’t obvious and keep changing with the weather.  If you are a health specialist or journalist with ample information on covid, including the new strain, we want you to write a guest post for us and help us spread the word.

    • Government and Politics

    Government and politics are the core of the nation. We see television news, and all we come to know about is the national and international news, developing political scenarios, economic crisis, etc. But now, people don’t have enough time to watch television as they are always on the move. So, we provide news about government policies and economic situations to our readers, which is even accessible through mobiles. 

    If you are interested in politics or are a journalist and looking for a platform where you can write and express yourself, Newstrend TV warmly welcomes you! “Write for us” and let everyone benefit from your skills and vision.

    • Health

    Health is a fundamental human right, yet we all ignore it the most. And it is the very reason we want authors and writers to write a maximum paid guest post on health and fitness-related topics. We are open to accepting and publishing any health article as long as it is medically correct and unique. 

    You don’t have to worry much about writing for this category as health in any form is essential. You can write about exercises, diets, medical centers, the pros and cons of medicines, and so forth. Please make sure your guest post is correct in every way, and your advice or opinions have proof. We don’t want to risk our readers’ lives by giving them access to potentially harmful content.

    • Tech/Gadget

    With everything in the world moving towards digitalization, the demand for gadgets and tech-related products is higher than ever before. Every company is in a quest to launch new products every year. But because millions of companies and products are available in the market, the buying decision is super hard. So if you want to write a paid guest blog, consider writing on the best or latest gadgets along with their features, pros, and cons. 

    You can also draw comparisons between devices of various companies. For example, you can write about “should I buy a digital or disc version of the ps5 console?” Along with the gadgets etc., we also publish articles about softwares, digital, and affiliate marketing programs with their scope.

    • Sports

    Sports are essential, and people worldwide are attracted to them for so many reasons. Some take it as a time pass, but the rest are very passionate about their favourite sports and players. If you are a fan of football, cricket, or any other sports, we will allow you to write to us and publish your guest post. Writing for us will benefit both of us, as you will be able to convert your hobby or passion into something more productive, and our readers will get access to the information. 

    We would highly appreciate you writing to us when a sports championship is going on or when a player breaks a record and makes history. For instance, during the world cup, FIFA, etc., people love knowing and hearing more about what’s happening. You can jot down your thoughts, predictions, and developing scenarios during that time. 

    Other than that, we also feature articles highlighting the achievements of players, etc. For instance, you may write to us about “top 10 footballers of the decade”, “T-20 updates”, “who will become the next coach of Team XYZ.” Not just this, but you can also write to us if you have daily or weekly sports updates such as “Government will decide whether the team will play in India World Cup or not: BCCI.”

    • Jobs

    Jobs are the number one priority of the majority of people in any country. Some people have jobs but are still looking for new and better opportunities. In contrast, many young graduates have no clue where to start their careers. So, we help these people make better decisions and find good-paying jobs. If you have a career or academic-related consultation to offer to the people or are well aware of the latest jobs, pen down your data and forward it to us. In the “jobs” category, we prefer articles featuring “the best options,” “highest paying jobs,” or those that have excellent future potential. 

    You may also cover the most searched or confusing topics that can help the readers in any way. For instance, “best careers after the second year,” “how to clear civil services exams,” “how to apply for a government job,” etc. You may also write on top business in 2021 or how to start a business under 100,000/-. Support all your data with relevant links etc.

    Our General Requirements

    When you ask us to publish a guest post for you, we do so. However, we do not publish whatever you send us. We have our own set of rules that you must follow before pitching us or writing a guest post for our website.

    • The article length should be between 700-800 words. We do not accept an article having a word limit higher or lower than this.
    • We only entertain guest posts in the categories mentioned on our website. Please do not request us to publish other work such as academic or research papers etc.
    • Add all references/interlinks when referring to facts and figures. We require authenticity and do not post articles that have no facts but only opinions.
    • The article should have no negative, degrading, or derogatory comments, etc.
    • The content should be unique, engaging, and not spam.
    • The guest post should be in a readable and editable format such as google docs or word file.

    How to Submit a Guest Post?

    To submit a paid guest post to Newstrend TV, follow the guideline below.

    • Prepare your draft and either send us the complete file in a readable and editable format.
    • You can use the email for writing to us.
    • Wait for our editors and team to review your content. If we like it, but it needs a few changes, we’ll send it back to you with the details.
    • Our team will publish the article if it resonates with our content and discusses the payment plan with you.
    • The review and editing process can take up to one 2 days and even more in some cases, so please be patient.