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    5 things you should know about perfumes

    You love going out with that characteristic aroma of yours that makes all eyes go to you but surely you are unaware of a whole series of interesting things about perfumes that you should take into account.

    Fragrances are undoubtedly one of our favorite accessories, and in addition to making us smell great, they reinforce our personality, highlight our character and accompany us wherever we go. You can find a great variety of fragrances on Pulse Of Perfumery.

    It is normal that before choosing a fragrance we carefully test all that we are interested in, but we make this mistake frequently and it causes our smell to suffer, no longer appreciating the authentic aroma of the samples. Don’t try too many at the same time!

    You can find the most prestigious perfumery brands from Shop For Cologne . Our best offers are waiting for you.

    Cologne is more than just a pleasant smell; it is already part of our lives since it is an accessory for everyday use. It is a complement that, as we have already said, talks about us, enhances our attractiveness and in most cases brims with sensuality. But do we know everything about fragrances? We usually buy one simply because we love its smell or because the bottle catches our attention, but there are very few experts on the matter. That is why we want to discover some curiosities about perfumes that for many may be unknown:
    The 5 Essential Things You Must Know Before Buying Cologne — The Peak Lapel

    1. In order for the aroma of the essences to remain on the skin for longer, it must be well cared for. The use of moisturizing creams makes the perfume settle better on our body. Don’t forget, always well hydrated!
    2. Fragrances don’t always smell the same. Keep in mind that the characteristics of the dermis are different in each person, which means that the same essence smells differently depending on who uses it. The PH and oil levels of our skin make the intensity and durability of the same cologne vary from one person to another. For example, if you have oily skin and you like strong perfumes, our recommendation is that you do not abuse them as they are even more potent in your skin.
    3. If you want your essence to maintain all the properties you must keep it correctly. The closet is the ideal place to store our cologne since we keep it away from exposure to heat and light.
    4. An interesting thing about perfumes is that not all of them last the same. Depending on the composition of the fragrance, its durability varies. The “Eau de Toilette” remains on our skin for about 3 hours, the “Parfum” can last all day, the “Eau de Cologne” or “Eau de Cologne” only 2 hours and the “Eau de Parfum” between 6 and 8 hours. 
    5. A curious fact that we overlook when we apply a perfume to our wrists is that when we rub them to spread it, what we are really doing is altering its composition and therefore varying its aroma.


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