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    6 Fashion Tips for Modern Man

    Thankfully, these days’ men have an array of outfits to wear and seem to be stylish. It’s not necessary to try every fashion trend as by the time you will get used to it, the style will change; instead, you have to make your fashion trend. Here we have listed a few stylish trend suggestions and hacks that will give you a polished and stylish look every single time.

    1. Create your Style statement

    No fashion trend stays for longer, and similarly, no fashion style hasn’t made a comeback. To be précised, you do not have to run after every single fashion trend to create your fashion statement. Dress smartly this is all you have to do. Look for outfits that can works for you from morning to evening. After a long tiring day, who has time to change for a celebration with friends? An informal Vlone Shirt with trousers is simply perfect. For making it best for nighttime occasions you can throw a jacket and tuck your sleeves up.

    1. Layering is the Key

    Layering can quickly turn any plain outfit into a stylish outfit that will get you many compliments. For the informal event, you can wear a cheered shirt over a stable shade t-shirt and rugged jeans. White or black sneakers complete the look. You can either button up or button-downs your shirt. For a formal event, group your informal look with a complimenting jacket or coat, and that’s it! In winters, you can actually through over a cardigan or any of your preferred sweaters and make certain the collars of the shirt are visible for the polished yet simple look. With loafers or boots complete up the look.

    1. Pay Attention to Your Shoes

    Your shoes are the first factor that every person notices in you. So if you prefer to create a superb impression, give your attention to the footwear you select to wear. Ideally, you do not have to ruin your bank to have a range of footwear and compliment your outfit. You can make investments in one or two classics that go a long way. For a natural look, nothing can top sneakers, and for a formal look, nothing ought to be great than Oxfords. The Online shopping store like Vlone Stop has a lot of footwear. Check out its modern collection, and do not forget to browse through Shoppers Stop provides to get a large discount on your purchase.

    1. Stripes for a Classy Look

    Stripes and prints are ruling the fashion trends. These seem to be stylish and fashionable when styled smartly. To start with, one needs to know what kind of strips will seem to be ideal on his body. For example, men who do not have great height can choose for stripes with vertical lines as it will give the vision of height in the identical way taller men can go for stripes with horizontal lines as it will add concord to the common look. Besides it, colorings additionally play an important role. To be on the safer side, you can go for navy blue or black stripes as they will never let you down, and above all, these can be paired with most of the outfits. According to the event or occasion, you can dress up or down.

    1. Play with Colors

    Black and whites are classics and are best to style any outfit. But, just will make you stand out from the crowd with a hint of color. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to color. You can wear any color and coordinate with your bottoms for a modern look.

    1. Mix and Match

    As stated above, there is no rule of fashion that you need to follow to seem trendy. It all depends upon you, in what clothes you are satisfied with and convenient for you to pull. For laid-back men, mix and match is the best solution. You can group your informal wear with formal wear and give them a complete makeover.   


    Your style speaks volumes for you. In this blog, we have curated six fashion, style suggestions that every single new mam need to follow to look stylish and presentable all the time



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