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    8 Ways to improve your Software Architecture Design

    In today’s modern era a good quality software is required in almost every organization. How to get this is the biggest challenge. Identifying the feasibility of the software is not a technical issue. But the issue is – can its quality requirements be met by a solution. Hence, the software’s requirements must be indicated early.

    The software system has a structure i.e. there are several modules of which this system is made up of. There is a connection between the modules. All this is included in the software architecture. These qualities have some limits and which are set by the software architecture. BEST LAPTOPS UNDER 40000.

    There are chances that quality requirements may not be met. We should prevent this so as to get the desired software architecture.

    Now I will describe how software architecture design can be improved.

    1. Requirements must be the basis of architecture design – The software architecture design should be based on the needs of those people who are involved in it. Needs that are non-functional must be taken into consideration. There are several reasons behind its design and these reasons can be technical. The need for trade can be the basic reason behind its full design. All your needs must be interpreted by you into a proper recommendations for architecture design. The application has several parts and we can separate them in the form of a layered design. We do this if the people involved in it give priority to maintain it. The layered design can not be used if the emphasis is on performance.

    Let us assume that there is an issue and there are several ways to resolve it. All this is included in the design of architecture.

    2. Rationale must be shared – The architecture can be described properly if we record a rationale based on the decision for the purpose of designing it. For understanding the description of the architecture, it is necessary to have a read if you are involved in making a particular decision. It is of no use if assumptions are made by us because it can not give you the optimum solution. If you want to take a certain decision then the steps which you take for it play a crucial role in this. It is necessary that your team should know about the rationale given by you. For this, you need to communicate with them properly.

    For the needs that are non-functional, it becomes much simpler to do the rationale recording.

    3.Do not try to repeat yourself – Duplicacy should not be done as it can create problems for you. This has been said in software engineering. If knowledge has to be represented by you in a system then every portion of the knowledge should be free from any ambiguity, autocratic and it must be only one. In several fields like Source code, Testing and Architecture we can use this rule.  Your speed will be lowered and your project’s progress will be hindered if something has been repeated by you. You have to keep the data at that place from where it comes as it will prevent you from repeating.

    4. You should always slice the cake – You have to do the architectural designing in a vertically sliced form and there must be some iteration in it. For implementing these slices, you have to take the help of an architect. How will these slices perform might also be confirmed by him. Smaller and horizontal layers can also be used in some fields.

    5. You need to develop a prototype in the beginning – You need to develop a prototype and then the creation of the original design must be done. To make sure that those assumptions are valid its working must be tested. If the prototype is developed first then it will not create problems for you if it does not work properly.

    6. You should quantify the non-functional requirements – The needs have to be quantified for creating the correct design. There is no way to test or maintain it, so you have to do it quickly. The requirements can be quantified on the basis of QUINT and ISO 9126.

    7. You should make it work properly and then do some optimization also – Sometimes designing can be used for making general-purpose libraries. These designs are created by the developers. We can create general-purpose libraries and there is no need for concrete applications here. The reality is these have to be designed for the next day.

    8. Always keep your eye on interfaces and boundaries – You need to keep an eye on the limits of the system and its parts each time you create the design. The system and its parts must be able to interact with one another. Therefore, there is no need for their separation.

    There is software known as the product design software which is used for developing a 3-D model of an item. Then we can also develop actual items from it. This software also provides the facility of simulation.


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