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    Be a Part of Safe and Healthy Dog Breeding or Training with Burnationk9s

    When there’s a will, there’s a way. Alandise Harris, a professional basketball player, is fond of American Pitbulls and bullies. Alandise’s love for canines can be experienced through his training program and the humane methods of training these exquisite dogs. Burnationk9s is a kennel and a dog training facility located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The dog breeding facility focuses on producing and fostering some of the best-structured Pitbulls and Terries you have ever encountered.

    Hobby Turned Bussiness 

    Alandise Harris’s love for canines was not a new thing. At first, he started to train huskies and several other breeds. Later, he focused on only American Pitbulls and American terriers and started his dog breeding program in 2015. The dog training venture started off with just two studs, and without making any further purchases, burnationk9s continues to grow his dog family till now. With Burnationk9s, you can experience some finest and best-structured bullies and Pitbulls. To provide you with exceptional pedigrees, the kennel’s goal is to breed litters in which each and every puppy has a great build, excellent health, and a wonderful temperament. 

    Impressions of strength

    The American Bullies are regarded as the impression of strength because of their muscular build. Burnationk9s is all about preservation and ethical breeding. The team has more than ten years of combined experience working with the respective breeds. With dedication and teamwork, burnationk9s ensures that every puppy you select meets United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club standards for health, temperament, and physique. Many of the kennel puppies have won several titles in show rings around the globe and bagged Best XL Bully in Show and Best of Breed. Treat yourself and get the top-notch dogs known nationally and internationally for the excellent breeding and rare color variants you have ever experienced. Up till date, burnationk9s is considered the best dog training facility in the United States. 

    Get Your Ideal Companions With Burnationk9s

    At Burnationk9s, you can not only get to experience the magnificent XL American Pitbulls and Bullies, but you can also take advantage of the training facilities they provide. Burnationk9s specializes in different training types. From training the dogs for obedience to dog shows and training them for personal protection or as companion dogs, burnationk9s maintain a friendly and loving social environment for their canines. As the puppies grow up in a loving family environment, their health and well-being are top priorities at every stage of their development. The dogs are well-socialized and have regular contact with people and other dogs to develop a good temperament. As Alandise has maintained his name in his basketball career, his training program also stands out with its potential customers. Many megastars like Offset from the rap group Migos, NBA champion Bobby Portis from the Milwaukee Bucks, and KJ Jefferson from the Arkansas Razorbacks have their puppies bred and trained by burantionk9s. 

    Visit (https://www.burrnationk9s.com/) to see the best dogs in all aspects and hop in the happy customers’ squad.


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