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    What do the Best Employee Surveillance Apps have in common?

    What qualities do any employee surveillance app have that makes it stand out from the rest? And what does the best employee surveillance app have that others don’t?

    These are pertinent questions any business owner would ask themselves before investing money and effort into such software.

    A good employee surveillance app helps keep your employees focused on the task at hand. Usually, you can count on your employees to do it themselves. However, there are times when they do need a little push to avoid procrastinating or being unproductive on company time. This includes a plethora of options such as browsing social media, surfing the internet without limit, or indulging in playing games. The best employee surveillance app helps put perspective into the employees about the true purpose of the office.

    However, the use of employee surveillance apps is not just limited to unproductivity.

    It can also detect much more sinister uses of your company property. If your staff is frequenting visits to unsafe websites or not following safety protocols, it poses a risk to your business. A disillusioned employee could intentionally harm or do something malicious as well.

    While some surveillance apps focus more on the security side, other apps may specialize in a more productive niche. More than anything, it depends on the needs of your business.

    What Exactly is Employee Surveillance Software?

    An Employee surveillance app is a software that tracks your employees’ work productivity. You can track internet usage which includes website clicks, time spent per page, emails et cetera. You can even do keylogging if you’re security-minded.

    However, overdoing it will make you seem like a Big Brother-type manager. And it’s something you should avoid.

    How Do I Choose The Best Employee Surveillance Software?

    Certain features are must-have for a top of shelf surveillance products. They can be determined by the following factors:

    • Pricing
    • Chat monitoring
    • Time tracking
    • Screenshots
    • Keylogging capabilities
    • Social Media usage
    • Real-Time Monitoring
    • Geofencing
    • GPS Tracking
    • Cloud Control
    • Instant Message (IM) Chat Monitoring
    • Keyword Tracking
    • Ease of use


    Choose Your Employee Surveillance App Wisely

    Your business goals might change throughout your company’s growth. And if you’re looking for the long haul, you need an employee surveillance app that offers vertical scalability. This will allow your surveillance tools to evolve with your business.

    And to make matters easier, consider the following when buying an employee surveillance app:

    • Transparency

    Your employees are going to raise some concerns when you implement the software. Your best bet is to keep everyone on the same page. As long as you’re transparent about it, you’re free from morale drop and potential lawsuits. Provide well-defined policies and be open to feedback.

    • Scalability

    The scalability of your employee surveillance app will determine how your overall experience will be in the long run. A robust solution should be able to incorporate any and every business decision down the line.

    • Ease of use

    If the app interface is intuitive and setting it up is smooth and easy, it will save you from a lot of hassle. The installation and implementation should not require extensive know-how.

    • Data encryption

    One of the reasons we choose to have an employee surveillance app is to keep our data secure and protect ourselves from corporate espionage. The same is true for the company that monitors the data too, which is why it is important to choose an app that keeps your data safe from prying eyes as well.

    • Pricing

    Pricing plays a central role in picking any employee surveillance app. Usually, apps offer various pricing plans according to the number of features offered. And it also pays to have a trial of the app before paying upfront. Make sure you pay for the features you need and not for the features marketed (that may be irrelevant).

    Our Verdict

    However, in the end, you must realize that the best solution is subjective. And what’s good for a small business might not be the best suit for an enterprise. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the best employee surveillance app.


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