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    Creating Amazing Social Media Posts With These 6 Video Apps

    Social media might be a source of amusement for most of the world, but there is an underlying business to it that makes them so famous. Promoting your business on social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach the masses.

    But social media has evolved too. Just as we got excited about photo tagging, the new wave of video content is upon us. Video drives the social media market today. More than a million hours of videos hit the web each day around the world.

    Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have started a dedicated video-only section on the application to promote and cater to this change. The in-built camera and creatives sticker have every social media user a video-content creator. Try using this online tool here to edit videos for social media such as Instagram and here you can buy Instagram followers.

    The need for video will only rise over the next decade. And this is the right time to make the switch to a video-first approach to content creation. And you need not learn complex editing tools or buy a high-end camera to start off.

    Here is how:

    Online Tools For Content Creation.

    If you are a marketer, business owner, or content creator — the need for video content will only increase in the years to come. But making videos does not need to be a time-consuming process. The online tools have made this task very accessible.

    The first thought is always to invest in expensive editing software, or hiring an editor. While that will make sense for a full-length movie; social media does not demand that level of complexity.

    Using online tools, anyone can make quality videos with minimal knowledge of filmmaking. They have a simple drag-and-drop feature that makes these platforms the ideal choice for beginners. The lack of video making skills is no longer a drawback.

    Online tools are also free, and usable on any system. A single phone can make better videos for your social media posting.

    The Best Video apps for Social Media

    Here is a list of six apps that can raise your social media game in just a few minutes. Each comes with its pros and cons.


    InVideo is one of the easiest to use and straightforward platforms for online social media content. It is a web browser-based application that requires no download or sign-up. They have over 3000 skillfully designed templates for people with no knowledge of design and video editing.

    For a small cost, InVideo users also get access to over one million images and videos backed by Storyblocks and Shutterstock. Additionally, they allow you to take high definition video exports and provide long-duration video edits.

    The most critical problem for social media video content is that the sizes and formats vary from each platform. InVideo has eliminated this issue by creating a size-flexible video design. This quality means you can export the same video in multiple social media formats and resolutions with a few clicks.

    InVideo is becoming the go-to choice for online content creators, marketers, and freelancers. It is also the recommended tool by world-leading growth hackers and digital marketing professionals.


    Like those at the start of a Marvel movie, animations and introductions can be made by any internet user today. VideoCreek is one such platform that lets you create short introductory videos and ads based on preset templates.

    VideoCreek provides a very high level of customization. They allow text addition, overlay images, change the background colors, alter color palettes, and even export videos in any desired format.

    If you wish to create simple branding videos, headers for your social media page, or concise trailers for your blogs and products — this tool will be one of the most useful instruments at your disposal.

    Spark Videos

    Since Adobe backs this tool, many users often rely on Spark Videos blindly. Spark Video creates videos from scratch with their custom graphics, video clips, icons, text animations, and image overlays.

    You could choose to use your own pre-created graphics or use Adobe’s free digital library.

    There are various themes available on this website, providing a versatile alternative for professional content creators. Additionally, the free music library is just a cherry on the cake.

    Canava Animator

    Canvas has been a popular platform for graphic design and marketing content for many years. With the recent trend of video content, Canva has adapted to the change. They rolled out the Canva-Animator tool, which allows users to create simple yet attractive animations.

    While this is not a complete video editing tool, these small animations are free to generate from templates. Since Canva started as a leading design platform, the last user base has helped drive their market ahead.


    Crello is another popular platform that many marketers depend on for their daily animations. Like Canva, their interface is also easy to use and takes very little time to create animations.

    Crello also provides template-based animation posts. While more people transition from photos to videos, these animations and looped-videos are a perfect choice.

    They permit you to add text, share files for collaboration, add appropriate music, and download files onto the phone in the form of MP4 formats.  One can also share the videos directly on social media platforms.

    Lumen 5

    Unlike other platforms, Lumen5 has a unique quality that makes it the go-to choice for bloggers. This app allows you to transform your text-content into text animated videos.

    They became a popular choice since they are a free tool too. Lumen5 provides you a small collection of images that can be used as background for the text design. These videos usually promote blog posts or translate blogs into video format for better reach and shareability.

    In Conclusion,

    A simple animation, long-form video, or just a straightforward Insta story — all of these video formats provide better reach, shares, and lead generation opportunities than text-heavy posts.

    If the only reason keeping you from making video content was the lack of knowledge — these applications have solved the issue.

    Based on your required volume of content and comfort of usage, pick any of the above platforms, and start your video journey on social media today.


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