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    Ensure Your Health During Pregnancy With Vitamin C

    Vitamin c capsules are in demand these days because of its benefits in boosting immunity, beautiful skin and hair,  fighting against common cold, increasing protein synthesis, collagen production and many more.

    It plays an important role in children’s health and helps you to fight against air pollution, infections, UV rays, and many more. Along with that you must have heard about its effectiveness in cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancers, better health of bones, cartilage, and mental health. But do you know Vitamin C is also important during pregnancy and takes care of the mental and physical health of unborn babies as well as mothers. Here you will know how vitamin c helps a pregnant woman and what are the best sources of it.

    Vitamin C rich for pregnant women: 

    Women need Vitamin C in their pregnancy. You must have heard for citrus fruits as a rich source of vitamin C but there are various other foods which you can take during pregnancy. Vitamin C rich foods can’t be cooked. So, you have to take it raw. Here are some other healthy options for pregnant women that they must include in their daily life. Red bell pepper, grapefruit juice, brussel sprouts, Kiwi, broccoli, strawberry, oranges, green leafy vegetables, and many more. Along with that you can take Vitamin c capsules to fill the gap of vitamin C in pregnant women after consulting the doctor. Some studies have suggested a potential link between maternal vitamin C levels during pregnancy and the risk of autism in children. However, the evidence is inconsistent, and no definitive conclusions can be drawn at this time. The experts doing ABA therapy in New York suggest to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet during pregnancy for the overall well-being of both the mother and the developing baby.

    How Vitamin C Supplements Are Helpful During Pregnancy: 

    Vitamin C is water soluble vitamin and unable to be stored in the body that is why it is also called essential vitamin. The vitamin is a very powerful antioxidant that a pregnant woman needs that helps to boost immunity during pregnancy. Also plays an important role in the development of baby’s health. During pregnancy, women are more prone to various diseases including certain types of cancers and cardiovascular diseases, just taking Vitamin C can reduce the risk of developing these diseases in them. Along with that the common flu and cold can be addressed in them by vitamin C easily. During the pregnancy both mothers and their babies need to repair the tissues and muscles, vitamin C plays a vital role in these functions. Along with that it helps in developing the production of collagen that takes care of the skin health in both women and their babies. As well as, it is quite important in developing strong bones and teeth. The women who are facing weakness in pregnancy,  vitamin C helps them to get over the weakness by absorbing iron in their blood vessels. Pregnant women who are more than 19 years old are recommended to take 85 milligrams of Vitamin C on a daily basis.

    You can fill the gap of vitamin C from the vitamin C capsules as guided by doctors. But it is always better to maintain the vitamin C level in your body with the natural sources. So include as much as Vitamin C rich foods and vegetables in your daily life and avoid its deficiency without any side effects.


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