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    Evening Long Sleeve Dress: Which Ones Style The Most?

    If you are looking for a dress for an evening wedding and your soul mate has not yet appeared, how about one with a sleeve? And when it comes to options, discover the types of long sleeves that exist and how they can help you shape your figure. Roll up your sleeves!

    When we hear party long sleeve dress, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the length of the skirt and the size of the garments, for that of showing a little leg and framing the silhouette. Later, the images of evening dresses that are generally installed in our memory are the necklines, the openings in the skirt, the transparencies and the bare shoulders. Although this attribute goes more unnoticed in fashion catalogs, the different types of sleeves can turn an outfit without much personality into an elegant party dress.

    With just a little fabric over the arms, evening dresses with sleeves have the magical power to stylize different parts of the body. But they are capable of much more. Depending on its characteristics, this delicate element can also transport you from the dressing room to different times or places and thus give a twist to your outfit. Their shape, their breadth, the fabrics are just some of the key factors to define them. Whether in long party dresses or models with a shorter measure, the sleeves are an irresistible success. Here all the details at BELLABARNETT!

    Elegance with long sleeves

    The fitted sleeve from the shoulders to the wrist is strongly incorporated into the collections of elegant evening dresses to stylize the wide waist and conceal the chunky arms. If you are a proud curvy woman, but want to cover your arms, choose from the most glamorous chubby party dresses one that has sleeves. You will be able to optically lengthen your arm and, if you are of medium or short height, they will make you appear taller and slimmer. If the fabric is lace, the tattoo effect of the embroidery that is drawn on the skin will give you an extra distinction.

    French style

    The French sleeve, also known as the three-quarter sleeve, is a classic that was introduced in the 1940s by one of the most innovative women in the world of fashion: Coco Chanel. The effect that occurs with this sleeve, which is interrupted below the elbow, makes it the best ally for long arms, both thin and wide. And it not only serves to give a better proportion to the arms: it also stylizes the wide hips. Another way to integrate this type of sleeve is by superimposing a bolero or a jacket to your outfit. Piece overlap is super trending!

    Baggy cut

    Knock! Are there any vintage and bohemian guests out there? Dating back to the 16th century and Shakespeare, the romantic baggy sleeve with a wide cut and gathered at the cuff emerges. It is one of the pieces that have evolved the most throughout history, as it went from being an outfit of the nobility to one of the most used at the end of the 60s thanks to the hippie fever.

    If you are inspired by boho or ethnic looks and you have very thin arms, the volume of this type will give them more body. If the sleeve is born with a gathered at the shoulders, this will allow you to frame your back even better and will balance your silhouette if your hips are wide. The key to this type of sleeve is its dynamism, whether with light fabrics such as chiffon or with more body, such as velvet.

    Bells in the arms?

    Yes, the flared sleeve is a very flattering design that is featured in the medieval-inspired evening catalogs and relaxed cut. Narrowing from the shoulder to the elbow and widening at the wrist, they elongate figures of medium or short stature and even stylize smooth curves. Pay attention to the color and the details with which you combine them: with prints or lace, you will get a very bohemian look. In a black evening dress, flared sleeves can be that edgy element that balances the sobriety of dark tones.

    Handcrafted fall kimono

    Inspired by the exquisite oriental aesthetics that have had great influence in various fields, the Japanese sleeve or kimono was born. Flows down the shoulder without seam, is flat at the armhole and wide at the hem. Its trapezoidal drop gives the silhouette freedom of movement. It is perfect for straight shoulders and long arms. Although it goes with any neckline, the ideal combination is with a deep V or crossed neckline.

    Enigmatic bat sleeves

    When it comes to looking sophisticated, red evening dresses are a safe bet. Bat sleeves are a more original shade that, when opening the arms, simulate the wings of these creatures. Loose throughout and reaching to the waist, they are ideal for small busts, slim arms, long sizes, wide hips and narrow shoulders. If your bust is voluminous, it is not a good idea to use them, as they would make you appear even bigger. And if you want the torso to stand out a little more, look for rhinestone applications.


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