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    Exercise is for Physical and Mental Health

    Exercise has many benefits, and scientific research continues to reaffirm how important exercise is for physical and mental health. Some of the recent research goes against what we’ve been believing for years, such as the notion that you can be too old to start exercising and that doing more exercise is inevitably better. Both of these premises have proven to be wrong. It’s best to exercise consistently throughout your life, but it’s not too late to start, and doing more intensive workouts for short periods of time is better to do it with expert and life coach like Transcend Health Physio Broadmeadow it really workout for long time period.

    Exercise becomes more important as you age. Now you can really improve your balance, flexibility, strength, bone density and mental dexterity no matter what age you start exercising. The biggest problem to start with is your energy level. Unfortunately, as you get older, it becomes more difficult to summon energy to exercise and you become “catch-22”. If you don’t exercise, you can’t summon energy to start exercising.

    Another error about exercise is the more, the better. While it may seem counterintuitive, tests have shown that people who exercise at a moderate level get better results than those who spend more than an hour each day. However, the intensity of your exercise routine makes a difference.

    But here we want to find out how exercise can benefit your mental health. Part of how this happens is by increasing blood flow to the brain, reducing stress, and improving hormone levels. The better news is that you can experience these benefits almost immediately. Recent neuroscience suggests that physical exercise is better than mental exercise. This is a considerable revelation from what was traditionally thought.

    Until recently, we believed we had gotten smarter through human history because we had to think more. Smarter people have become more evolutionarily successful, allowing them to pass on intelligence. Physical activity has been more emphasized over the past decade as a major driver of greater intelligence. We can apply these concepts in our lives today. If physical activity helps structure our brains evolutionarily, it is likely to remain essential to brain health today. There is a vast amount of scientific support for this idea. [Systems are thought up to help us deal with all the chaos and where your health is concerned you may want to get health insurance. Paige & Campbell can help with that.]
    Physical Exercise Can Prevent Brain Shrinking That Comes With Aging - Health Thoroughfare
    Most of these tests were performed on laboratory rats. Some things that came out of this test:

    1. The turtle approach is better than the rabbit approach. Regular exercise for a long period of time makes the body and mind function more effectively than a sporadic rupture followed by periods of inactivity.
    2. When physical activity stops, brain activity slows down very quickly. In a test in laboratory rats, they were inactive for about 3 weeks before brain activity began to decline, and then steadily descended downhill thereafter.

    If you’re ready to make a positive impact on your life and mental health, here are some tips to get you started.

    • Find an activity you like.
    • Make exercise a part of your daily routine.
    • Do not view it as a burden, but think of it as a stepping stone to improve your mental health.
    • Solve the problem. Figure out what’s holding you back in your workout and work consciously to change it!
    • Be prepared for obstacles and don’t blame yourself for missing a day. But get up again and start over.
    • Stick to your goals and you will see improvement.


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