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    Get The Best Looks With A Sweatshirt

    Used in winter, fall, and spring. There are even those who dare in summer. With or without hood, patterned or basic. Surely no more clues are needed to know what we will talk about in today’s post. And is that if you are a true lover of Streetwear style you know that a post like this was mandatory. And so as not to delay it any further, here we go! The best looks with teedoris sweatshirt.

    There are thousands of posts announcing new sweatshirts, talking about their materials, weights, new patterns, and cuts, colors, or trends. But we thought that it would be much more interesting to make a short look book on how to combine a sweatshirt to achieve some of the best outfits that you can think of.

    Outfits With Men’s Sweatshirts

    It is true that including sweatshirts as a male or female product would be a rookie mistake, since few garments we know have a more unisex air than sweatshirts. But we can propose more focused looks for men or women, basing the sweatshirt as the main element of said outfit.

    Streetwear In Its Purest Form

    For the “crazy” of the urban style or streetwear, the sweatshirt has to be a practically obligatory garment. It is really easy to achieve a very urban and striking look using this type of garment. Our advice is to try to always combine them with a long shirt that stands out from the bottom, to help us integrate it with the pants. If you can use a color to match that of your sneakers (either the same tone or another complementary one), your look will be much more closed. Generally, using larger sizes can give us a much more urban and casual style.

    Although the sweatshirt is the main element, do not forget to add accessories, such as belt belts, pendants, hats, or caps, and even add more layers over the sweatshirt, giving it a much more casual style. We recommend basic sweatshirts or sweatshirts with a simple print to make it easier for you to combine them with the extra layers.

    Sporty Looks

    Sometimes we forget that the sweatshirt was born as a sports garment and designed for exercising. Little by little this role has been left aside and despite the fact that many combine it with sportswear, they use this look for day-to-day occasions or as a “casual” outfit. If you are looking for a good outfit based on sweatshirts combined with sportswear, we leave you some ideas.

    One of the first things you should decide with this type of look is whether you are going to wear a combined sweatshirt and pants or will they be two separate garments. It is very common when we buy sportswear, that we find joint garments, whether they are sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts … However, for lovers of urban style, it is increasingly common to try to make combinations with different garments.

    In our case, we are more fans of this last option. It allows you to create a unique outfit, toggling between tight sizes for the pants and large sizes on top. You can more easily vary the colors, textures, and patterns, in short, you can create a 100% own look.

    Some tips that we give you for this type of look are:

    • Don’t mix too many different brands.
    • Try to play with the sizes and sizes.
    • Look for sweatshirts that have an extra accessory such as zippers, drawstrings, pockets … In this way you will give a different point to your look with a sweatshirt.
    • Wear sweatshirts with more prints or sports motifs that give a striking touch and attention to your look.

    Sweatshirt But Elegant

    Undoubtedly one of the combinations that we like the most and are becoming more fashionable in recent times, so today we will teach you how to combine a sweatshirt with shirt. Something that we love about this type of look is that depending on the shirt and sweatshirt you use, you can achieve a super urban outfit, or on the contrary, go for much more vintage and “dress-up” look.

    For a more casual look without a doubt, we recommend checked shirts, preferably oversize so that you can put it over your sweatshirt. These types of shirts are much less elegant but they will give you a super urban and current style. You can even opt for a padded overshirt for extra protection on winter days. As for the pants, opting for jeans or some type of jogger can be a great option.

    Again, try to use basic sweatshirts or with simple prints that allow you more freedom when combining them with shirts.

    If what you are looking for is a somewhat more elegant style or for moments where a somewhat more “classic” style is required, or as it is popularly known “to dress”, our advice is to opt for hooded teedoris sweatshirt and this time place the shirt by underneath, something similar to a sweater.

    The sweatshirts with classic brand versions or with “90s” designs are a great claim for this type of outfit. As a final point, pleated pants, or regular cut jeans are a sure hit for these looks.

    Feminine Looks With Sweatshirt

    As we told you at the beginning of the post, all these looks are completely unisex and therefore framing them within a gender would be complete nonsense. However, there are some details that can make the difference between a more feminine or masculine style.

    Now that you are a true expert on how to create incredible streetwear-style outfits with sweatshirts, you only have the final step. Get yourself an amazing new sweatshirt. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to visit our extensive teedoris sweatshirt catalog.


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