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    Hip Hop Artists That’ll Pump Up Your Guests

    Hip hop is a powerful type of music that will give you the chance to vanish into music and enjoy something new and fresh.  Although music is something that anyone can connect to: it’s still important to go out of your way to find new artists so you can experience something beyond what the radio plays.

    These are four fantastic artists that will pump up the crowd no matter what kind of event you host and why they should be on the top of your list for entertainment!

    Why Hip Hop?

    Hip hop is an awesome music genre that’s the voice of youth and offers a chance to connect with people of your generation.  Usually keeping up with people in their teens to mid-20s, modern hip hop has multiple different sounds that show off genres within the genre.  From Latin trap to Christian hip hop artists, anyone can find a style of hip hop that gets them into motion and makes them forget about the stress of daily life.

    When you’re hosting an event: you want your guests to connect with the music and the space they’re in.  Giving them hip hop to dance to allows them to feel unified and have fun when they might have otherwise been bored.  

    Cadillac J

    Cadillac J is a Floridan hip hop and rap artist that creates music made to connect people’s real lives to the beats they listen to.  With clever lyrics, and a smooth voice, you can easily disappear into the sound he’s creating and will invite your guests to relax and simply enjoy the music.  His live performances are unlike any other.  

    Pedalay, the Boss

    This lyricist’s main focus is creating poems to music.  Pedalay has been building a career out of reimagining the relationship people can have with hip hop.  He’s already made a name for himself as one of the top artists in the area, and having him at your event would blow everyone away.

    Chiffy Wallace

    Working hard to make a name for herself in the male-dominated world of Hip Hop, Chiffy is a 27-year-old rapper and hip hop artist whose sound will stun you instantly.  Her insightful lyrics and complete control over the English language make every song she puts out a lyrical masterpiece.  Listening to her allows the crowd to really connect and feel like they know and understand Chiffy.  Hiring her for your event is an awesome choice anyone should make.  


    LaTosque is a double hit combo that has been working double-time as a rapper and producer for the last few years, but he’s a poet and writer at heart.  Creating music that’s designed to connect people together, and give everyone a chance to see beyond the cover, allows for an experience your guests will never forget.  

    Hip Hop is an Art Form

    Whether you’re used to listening to hip hop or it’s a new art form that you’re trying to get into: any of these artists are built to stun.  Consider checking out some of their music and supporting them!  They’re sure to go places in no time. 


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