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    The 6 Best Home Remedies to Use for Premature Ejaculation


    Ejaculations that are premature can be depressing and can be embarrassing if it happens often. Ejaculation that is premature can be caused by various factors, and can lead to anxiety about self-esteem, a damaged relationship, and an inclination to avoid sexual contact.

    What is the cause? There are some scientific studies that suggest premature ejaculation occurs due to increased levels of neurotransmitters in the brain and inflammation of the urethra, and hormonal issues. But, our mental health and stress could be the cause.

    Don’t worry! It’s not all lost. There are many options to prevent premature ejaculation as well as increase our ejaculation speed. Today, we’ll speak about different home remedies and talk about the significance of making use of high-quality male enhancements to prevent premature ejaculation.

    Pelvic Floor Exercise. 

    Yes the pelvic floor exercises are available for men too. An academic study has proven that exercises for the pelvic floor can increase the strength of muscles and the ejaculatory reflex of men.

    The Guidelines for Exercises to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor Are as the Following:

    • It is possible to identify the muscle that you want to work out by contracting or tightening your muscles that prevent the flow of gas.
    • Note this as an exercise routine. Contract the pelvic muscles three seconds, hold for 3 seconds, and then let it relax for three seconds. Repeat the exercise minimum 15 times per day to ensure you are in control of your Ejaculation.
    • It is possible to use the same approach in intercourse by Pause thrusting in intercourse to engage the pelvic muscles. This assists in maintaining the orgasm.

    Adopt a Male-friendly Diet.

     How many times have people advised you to eat the right diet for the health of your male reproductive system? A lot, surely?

    Begin eating foods that are rich in minerals such as zinc, magnesium and selenium. A variety of research studies suggest that these minerals help improve the health of your prostate, levels of testosterone and the consistency of semen. Don’t forget to eat foods that boost vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is required to synthesize testosterone.

    As a General Rule Take These Food Items for Managing Premature Ejaculation.

    • Almonds
    • Egg Yolk
    • Fish
    • Onion
    • Spinach
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Meat

    However you should avoid eating, drinking and other habits that could influence your ejaculation like smoking, alcohol, or processed food products.

    Techniques That Work Well During Sexual Intercourse


    Also known under the name stop and begin technique which is beneficial. In intercourse, stop thrusting whenever you sense that you’re close to ejaculation. Pull out if you have to wait several seconds, and then continue. This allows you to stay longer and also produces strong orgasms. Check some medication here: Cenforce 150

    Pause and Squeeze: 

    During intercourse, when you feel the desire to ejaculate pull out to squeeze and hold the head of your penis until you feel the urge diminishes.

    Distract Your Thoughts: 

    If nothing helps to you, consider something not connected to sexuality, or something non-erotic such as your favorite team in sports losing the game. Does this be effective? You bet.

    Use Topical Creams or Condoms That Increase Lasting Time. 

    Lidocaine creams and sprays applied to the skin are frequently used to treat premature ejaculation. They block nerve pain at the tips of the penis. Lidocaine is an anesthetic that can be found in various products for topical use.

    Male anxiety over performance is often associated with the premature ejaculation process and can seriously affect sexual performance. Sometimes, pelvic exercises or edging isn’t effective. In these instances you may apply a lidocaine cream or spray directly on the penis for 10 or 15 minutes prior to sexual activities.

    There are also condoms that promise to increase the duration of ejaculation, or to prevent premature ejaculation. These condoms are made of thick material around the penis and reduce the sensation or having an anesthetic in the end that is sealed.


    While it isn’t an all-time solution however, it could be an indefinite solution. The manual stimulation that occurs at least an hour prior to sexual contact reduces the strength of the orgasm, and decreases the risk that you have a premature eruption. This can also help you by extending the time spent in bed as well as generate powerful orgasms.


    Sometimes, the reason for premature ejaculation does not relate to diet or strength. It could be due to an illness of the body, a psychological issue, or even an unrelated manifestation.

    Your doctor may prescribe medications such as Cenforce 200 or Cenforce 100. These medications contain substances known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. These substances improve penis blood flow to treat erectile dysfunction symptoms. A research study confirms that these compounds are effective in treating symptoms early ejaculation.

    Male Performance Anxiety and anxiety are both psychological issues that are caused by stress and anxiety. SSRI antidepressants like fluoxetine, slow the process of ejaculation through altering biochemical pathways.

    Bonus Point: Male Enhancement Supplements

    Certain, medication can help you feel better however, we must not overlook that these synthetic medications have a myriad of adverse effects, including mood fluctuations, low blood pressure painless erections, an increase in the neurotransmitter levels.

    Switch to best-rated male enhancement supplements made of natural ingredients that are backed by numerous research papers on their effectiveness.

    Savage Grow Plus is a testosterone booster for men that is formulated with herbs like Tribulus the horny goat weed maca, and horny goat weed. Tribulus is a natural plant that contains constituents that improve ejaculation speed as well as improve the quality of sperm and enhance testosterone synthesizing.

    Different scientific studies have proven that maca root extract can have an aphrodisiac affect for males and females. It boosts fertility, libido, as well as sexual energy.

    There are many Savage Grow Plus reviews on seller websites where clients have mentioned improved libido and stay longer in bed and faster recovery after sexual contact.


    We’ve looked at a range of methods to treat premature ejaculation. What is your most preferred option? Be aware that these methods might not be suitable for all. The use of topical creams may be unsuccessful for reducing sensations while prescription medications may have side effects.

    We are hoping that using one of the top-rated male enhancements will aid you as it has made a difference to a lot of other customers.


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