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    How Pedestrian Accidents Can Happen and What Your Attorney Will Do to Fight for Your Case

    Being hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian can be quite traumatic. To get the compensation and justice you deserve, you must understand how the accident took place first. Your lawyer will have to prove the driver’s negligence to sue for damages. You should learn more today about your legal options through your attorney. 

    No matter the circumstances, your journey toward recovery will be an uphill battle. You will be dealing with insurers who represent the driver who hit you. This insurance company will want to protect its client and minimize its liability. Because of this, you should hire a lawyer with extensive experience in handling insurance providers and who knows how to get a fair settlement for you. 

    Pedestrian accident cases are big ones and although the majority of them are settled outside of the courtroom, others go to trial. A skilled lawyer is ready to stay with you each step of the way. There are different kinds of pedestrian accidents and the type of evidence you need to collect depends on the type of accident you were involved in:


    Even a pedestrian accident that happens at low speeds can lead to serious injuries. However, if the driver was traveling at a high speed, the injuries a pedestrian may sustain can be catastrophic. Keep in mind that even if this motorist gets a speeding ticket, this does not automatically guarantee you compensation. Your lawyer will need to prove the motorist was liable for the injuries you sustained.

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted drivers can hit pedestrians because they lose focus on the road and what’s in front of them. Texting while driving is a common kind of distracted driving. However, drivers can also hit a pedestrian b eating, grooming, and adjusting the radio while driving. Drivers should pay attention to the road when behind the wheel. If you have been a victim of a distracted driver, your attorney will review the driver’s cell phone records, interview witnesses, and look for evidence to hold the driver accountable.  

    Hit and Run

    In Georgia, drivers must stop at the accident scene including a pedestrian accident. If the driver who hit you abandoned the scene, you must report it to the police right away. Then, contact your attorney. Once the police find the at-fault driver, your attorney will fight to hold them accountable. Your recovery may include punitive damages because of the reckless conduct of the driver in leaving the accident scene. 


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