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    PlayStation is a new choice for video games players with the PS4 Pro, a powerful addition to the PS4 family. It is designed to give you more information on it, using an existing HDTV or a powerful new 4K TV. With its superior performance over the standard PS4, the PS4 Pro is the first product to come to the PlayStation, and in many ways, it is a console game.

    All You Need to Know about PS4

    PlayStation is one of the top favorite activity for the young generation and kids.  The Sony Computer Entertainment has launched PS4 for home console video games. The 4th generation console of the PlayStation console series, offering the AMD Jaguar 8core processor.

    It became released in North the united states on November 15, 2013, and bought in Europe, valuable the united states, and South Africa on November 29 of the equal year. The PlayStation four is the eighth generation of consoles, just like the PS3, and will compete with Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s Xbox One available on the market. The PlayStation 4 uses the AMD x86-64 build processor, unlike the CELL PlayStation 3.

    Steps to connect PlayStation console to the Television 

    1. Insert one part of the HDMI cable into the HDMI OUT port at the back of the PlayStation.
    2. Install the other side of the HDMI cable to get the HDMI input on your display device
    3. Install the power cable to the AC IN connector after the PlayStation.
    4. Protect the supermarket power plug

    Method to link P & TV without HDMI

    One of the most effective and easy ways to use PS4 and TV without HDMI is to use HDMI converter. This translates signals into something that television can understand and show. That depicts there are several kinds of High Dimension Multimedia Interface (HDMI) converters, so you will need to decide which type you need.

    1. Find the ports on the back / side of your TV

    This could be anything from coaxial input, DVI input, cables, or one of many options. The coax input looks like an inserted screw. Combined inputs are three holes for red, white, and yellow wires. DVI inputs look like those used by old computer monitors to connect.

    1. Connect the HDMI cable to the PS4 and another case to convert HDMI.
    2. Connect the appropriate wires to the converter (in this case, wires) and the other side to the TV.
    3. Switch to your TV to install it properly and turn on PS4. When you see a song logo on the screen, you know it works.

    You may not always need a converter. Some third-party companies produce HDMI composite cables that do not use a converter. Quality cannot be guaranteed with these cables, and you may have audio problems.

    Use High Dimension Multimedia Interface (HDMI) to Digital Visual Interface (DVI) converter

    HDMI and DVI are both digital signals, so if your TV or monitor has DVI input you will see better results than any of the converter types listed above. It enables to avert sound loss or poor quality audio nearly you can get with HDMI in a complex e converter.

    DVI is not compatible with any audio signal, so this is a hit-or0miss solution.

    • Connect the HDMI cable to the PS4 and connect the other side to the DVI converter.
    • Connect the DVI cable to the converter and connect the other part of the DVI cable to the display or television.
    • Turn on your display to the suitable input and open the PS4. If you see a Sony logo, it works. increase the volume button and test the sound.

    If these steps do not function, consider purchasing a new TV system. HDMI compatible TVs are cheap and can be purchased for as little as $ 20 at hand-held stores like Craigslist or on the Facebook market. Although they work well, the methods listed above are not always guaranteed. Even if they do, you will not have the same quality experience as the converter you will have with a standard connection.

    Ending Remarks,  

    Have fun with unlimited enjoyable with hours of online game on PlayStation. For your TV, it is suggested  to get Xfinity internet. It has an excellent channel program and at the top, you can find some of the premium channels. Everything is available at an affordable price every month.


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