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    https://aka.ms/remoteconnect – Minecraft Remote Access

    https://aka.ms/remoteconnect website allows people to play Minecraft at home by virtually connecting with their friends and families through their smartphones. 

    aka.ms remote connect site makes the gaming experience very smooth on PS4, Nintendo Switch. However, to play on any non-Microsoft device, users must register and log in with a free Microsoft account to play other people on their devices with Microsoft devices.

    Microsoft allows Minecraft players to connect with each other via multiple devices. such as the PS4, Switch, a Windows PC, and Mac. All the  Android or iOS devices users could able to play with their friends and colleagues who have the Minecraft game installed on their Xbox One or Xbox 360 with their free Microsoft account login

    How to fix aka.ms/remote connect Microsoft Sign In Error for Minecraft?

    Here are the ways to fix https //aka.ms remote connect sign in Minecraft Error:

    Take help of Microsoft Sign in Code From Minecraft

    • Go to the Microsoft Code access page and bookmark the page using a mobile or PC.
    • Then Open the Minecraft Error Message display and note down the code. 
    • Copy the code and paste it on the Microsoft page on another device. 
    • Once you are done with the code entry, you will get access to Microsoft and be able to visit the Minecraft Store.

    Delete All the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Game Date

    • Launch the Minecraft game.
    • Go to Settings, and click on the System settings.
    • Click on the Storage, and then on the “Game Storage” to access the Minecraft store files.
    • Remove all files to launch the Minecraft.
    • Once done access the aka.ms remote connect site to proceed to play again.

    Create a Brand New Microsoft Account

    The Microsoft Account that you have been using on Xbox seems to conflict with the PS4.

    So, in order to fix the https //aka ms remote connects issue, you need to create a brand new Microsoft account just in the same way you did while playing on XBOX. Use the remote access feature to easily fix https //aka.ms remote connects bug.

    How to Use the Xbox Mobile App to Setup Microsoft Remote Connect on  Xbox One?

    • Visit the Nintendo official menu on your Sony PlayStation store or PS4 console.
    • On Nintendo Switch: Search for “Minecraft” and click on the download Minecraft 
    • On PS4: Enter “Minecraft PS4” and click on the download Minecraft for PS4.
    • If you’re a new user register for the Microsoft User account. Go to the Minecraft home screen on your device and click on the option to sign in.
    • Click on the link to redirect to the login page to get access to the remote connection.
    • You’ll get the eight-digit activation code. Type this code in the required field to activate your account on the AKA MS Remote connect official site.
    • Open your web browser and visit https://aka.ms/remoteconnect. 
    • You can do this on your Windows/Mac browser or your mobile browser.
    • Enter the code on your console screen.
    • Click on the “Next” button and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the login process. 


    aka.ms/remoteconnect issues are only confined to Nintendo or Microsoft PS4 users. Let us know how you eradicate or fix your problems in the comment section below.


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