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    Book Jet2 Reservations Easily: Book Flight and Save Money

    Jet2 serves as a British Tour Operator known for its typically outstanding, low-fares services. They specialize in British Holidaymakers to their gateway destination while earning hefty profits allowing consistent expansion. But where do the origins of such a key player to the British Aviation market lie? In 1983, channel express was established and commenced operations with Boeing 737 freighters to various regional destinations around the UK. The airline was purchased by Dart Group and opened commercial Charter services using 737-300 aircraft.

    The airline was rebranded to the current Jet2 brand in 2002 and commenced its first commercial service in February 2003 between Leeds Bradford and Amsterdam Schiphol which operated twice daily using a Boeing 737-300. Further through 2003, several other services were established to Sun and city destinations that were designed to attract tourists. In 2004, a second base was established at Manchester, operating from the older terminal one. Jet2 acquired a further fleet of 737 aircraft and purchased its first Boeing 757. The third-base opened at Belfast International, while the fourth base was established at Newcastle.

    The company’s headquarters were relocated from Bournemouth to Leeds in 2006 and in the following year, the company established Jet2Holidays, offering ABTA and ATOL protected Jet2 holiday packages to British people. It also introduced several second hand Boeing 737-800 aircraft in January 2011, followed by the eighth base at Glasgow in March. In September 2016, Jet2 received its first brand new Boeing 737-800 of an order for 30 aircraft.

    Interesting Fact: Jet2 changed its slogan from “ The Airline of the North” to “Friendly Low Fares” in the year 2010. 

    Overall, Jet2 has grown such a long way and developed a healthy image of reliable, low-fare flights. Isn’t it great? So if you are looking for Jet2 Reservations, then contact them on Jet2 booking number now and book your low-cost Jet2 holiday packages as soon as possible.

    Cabins Available for Jet2 Reservations

    The Jet2 airline flights have two cabins/ classes. You can book your Jet2 Reservations in any of the cabins and have a delightful experience during the journey. Here are two available cabins for Jet2 Reservations:

    • Economy: The basic class offered by Jet2 airline is Economy class. Both check-in online and offline is available for this class. The best and delicious foods along with beverages and drinks are served during the flight for the passengers. This class also ensures your comfort and safety. The seats are fully comfortable and support your body effectively so that you can have a relaxed journey.
    • Premium Economy: The other class offered by Jet2 airlines is Premium Economy. This class gives you a more luxurious feel compared to the economy class. You can have extra options for food and beverages and the seats are very comfortable.

    While you are booking Jet2 Reservations, you should know that the airline currently does not offer a first and business class for its passengers. However, the airline is improving with each passing day and will surely expand its services soon.

    To know more about the Jet2 Reservations and services, contact Jet2 Reservations Phone Number today.

    Check-In Information of Jet2 Airlines 


    Jet2 is one of the airlines that offer the best and convenient ways to its passengers. To take care of their customers, the airline offers two different check-in options: Online check-in and Airport Check-in. Passengers can choose their convenient option to complete the check-in process easily.

    Baggage Allowance Policy of Jet2 Airline

    The baggage allowance for Jet2 airline differs depending upon the cabin. Though the policy is flexible so that more people can travel and enjoy their trip. Keeping this in mind, the airline has a very amazing baggage allowance policy.

    • Carry-On Baggage: The bags/items you can carry with you on the flight as carry-on baggage. You can carry up to 10 kg of carry-on baggage including laptop, hand purse, briefcase, camera, etc.
    • Checked Baggage: The bag/items allowed through cargo services of the flight. Passengers can carry up to 22 kg of checked baggage. However, you can call on the Jet2 contact number for more information.

    Jet2 Booking Number to Book Your Jet2 Reservation at Great Deal

    Looking for Jet2 Reservation but didn’t want to go through the long process? Get in touch with us by just dialing the Jet2 Reservations Phone Number  (+1-866-807-3747). The number is toll-free and active 24 hrs to resolve your queries. We help you book your tickets at deal prices.

    So waiting for what? Contact us now!!


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