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    Key Points You Should Know About Market Intelligence of Viral Launch

    Based on real-time and historical data from billions of actual Amazon data points, IntelliViral Launch asserts to have the most accurate sales projections and product trends. The business uses a proprietary algorithm with “dozens of internal criteria” to examine products quickly. You can use knowledge about market trends from historical sales, price, and review data to seize profitable possibilities. For the sake of simplicity, product concepts with a high chance of success are given a 5-star validation. Then use the program to compute your prospective earnings and the required initial investment for a product. Market intelligence has a monthly fee of $20. Save $10 off your first month or $25 off your first year by using this link. As an Amazon seller you should know about viral launch review.

    Keyword Research

    This feature will be crucial once your product is ready for launch. You’ll be able to identify the significance of each keyword and find all pertinent ones. It does so in light of many variables.

    • Priority Rating
    • Relevancy Rating
    • Opportunity Score
    • Average Price
    • Average Sales
    • Average Search Volume
    • Growth
    • Dominant Review
    • Count Categories

    Several of the metrics listed above can be discovered using free Amazon Seller tools. However, some are exclusive to Viral Launch and only accessible as a result of the platform’s size. VL can create “score” criteria that are unique by utilizing its user base and data source. These ought to give merchants who use them a competitive edge over those who don’t.

    Tracking Amazon Seller Competitors

    Maintaining a competitive edge is more crucial than ever as the market grows saturated. Without an automated tool, it is essentially impossible to accomplish this. Viral Launch gives you the option to monitor your rivals using a variety of measures. For any of the following, you can even schedule notifications for changes.

    • BSR Change Review
    • Quantity Change
    • Sales Quantity
    • Change Price
    • Change in Review Rating
    • Buy Box Owner

    An email will be sent out if there are any material changes to the aforementioned. For continuing to be competitive on Amazon, this may be essential.

    Product Launch:

    350,000 consumers can be reached through the Viral Launch network for a product launch. To boost sales and enhance keyword rankings, the business will introduce your product to this market. Your sales should increase as a result of improving your keyword ranks, and this snowball effect should build a steady pace. You must enroll in a program offering your product at a significant discount in order to participate. The price includes any discounts you use to advertise your goods in addition to the amounts.

    Product photography:

    It is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd on the Amazon Marketplace. A crew from Viral Launch will take your carefully selected set of studio (white-background) and lifestyle photos to help potential customers understand your goods. Internal consultants employ a variety of experiences to craft the ideal shot, while in-house photographers have a combined 10+ years of experience.


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