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    Like One Stormy Night? Here’s 10 Animes like it

    Many people have probably never heard of the anime One Stormy Night. You’ll be sorry you didn’t find out about it sooner after watching it. In it, a lamb named Mei and his wolf pal Gabu go on an exciting journey. Despite the fact that their families disagree, Gabu and Mei have decided to become inseparable. It’s an anime with a lot of heart, despite the predictable plot. Don’t panic if you can’t seem to track down any other anime that even remotely resembles One Stormy Night. We’ve found 10 shows that are very similar to One Stormy Night and we think you’ll enjoy them just as much.

    Ringing Bell

    The anime Ringing Bell is yet another example of the herbivore-carnivore friendship genre. Chirin, the protagonist, is a newborn lamb who is content to spend his days in a meadow with his mother. Sadly, a wolf named Wor kills her, prompting Chirin to seek retribution. Chirin joins Wor’s apprentice program in the hopes of becoming powerful enough to exact revenge on Wor. Mei and Chirin share a common history: the murder of their mothers at the hands of the species with whom they develop lasting friendships. Their strange relationships with the wolves are examined, as is the impact that their company has on the people around them in both anime. Despite their visual appeal to kids, some of these anime feature mature-rated levels of violence. In their brief running times, both “Ringing Bell” and “One Stormy Night” teach audiences important lessons. Both show how crucial it is to put yourself in the shoes of those who are different from you in terms of appearance and behavior. They achieve this by deliberately putting their pairs in situations that go against the norms they have been taught to uphold since they were young. Check out Ringing Bell if you want to see another violent anime with a similar dynamic.


    Beastars is another anime with rich themes, characters, and emotional segments like One Stormy Night, despite the fact that the animals in Beastars tackle human activities rather than Gabu, Mei, and the other critters. Since a herbivore classmate was killed by an unknown assailant the night before, Beastars follows Legoshi, a wolf who has been ordered to keep watch over the premises. Legoshi’s work brings him into contact with Haru, a social outcast rabbit. Legoshi develops feelings for Haru, but he has to fight off his natural carnivorous tendencies. The situation reminds me of the predicament faced by Gabu and Mei in One Stormy Night. Unlike Haru and Legoshi, the relationship between Gabu and Mei is not romantic, but the idea of herbivores and carnivores being together is still frowned upon. Both Gabu and Legoshi share a common essence. Both wolves need to control their natural urges and appetites so they don’t destroy their chance at a meaningful relationship with a vegetarian. When it comes to protecting their friend from harm, they are willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means risking their own life.

    Annyeong, Tyrano: Yeong-wonhi, Hamkke

    Annyeong, Tyrano: Yeong-wonhi, Hamkke is an enjoyable anime with a prehistoric setting. Character dynamics between the anthropomorphic Gabu and Mei are similar to those in One Stormy Night. It takes a look at the bond between an abandoned baby dinosaur named Punon and a lone T-rex named Tyrano. They’ll grow to appreciate one another’s unique qualities and become close as they travel together. Theirs is an inspiring and heartfelt journey. Tyrano will work through his problems and discover what it means to be a family member. Since Gabu and Mei’s friendship will be put to the test by the trials they will face on their journey, this sentimental aroma is a fitting accompaniment. Watch this anime if you want to be immersed in an exciting story with memorable characters and moving situations.

    Wolf Children

    Wolf Children is another story with a wolf theme that focuses on the importance of communication between species. The bond between a human mother and her two half-human, half-wolf children is explored, in contrast to the friendship between a lamb and wolf in One Stormy Night. Both shows, however, have both heartwarming and heartbreaking elements that will affect you deeply. Wolf Children’s young protagonists all suffer the tragic loss of a parent in the same way that Mei did. Mei must now be wary of making friends with wolves, and Ame and Yuki of Wolf Children must learn to live in a new environment after their mother Hana moves them there for their own protection. Both Wolf Children and One Stormy Night deal with universal themes that will appeal to a wide audience. Both shows show audiences why it’s okay to be yourself despite what others think. Wolf Children is another touching anime that explores the bond between people of different species. With all these pet movies, it makes you think about your own pet. Check out Slingo.com for some pet-friendly hotels in the UK for your next UK trip!

    The Cat Returns

    Amazing anime that serves as a loose sequel to Whisper of the Heart, The Cat Returns is a must-watch. Haru, a seventeen-year-old girl, is the protagonist; she saves the Cat Prince and finds herself in their world. She’s becoming more and more feline as she participates in this world’s activities. This anime follows Haru as she finds her confidence and her place in the world. The Cat Returns, like One Stormy Night, deals with universal themes like friendship and self-discovery. However, it takes a more fantastical approach, complete with fictitious kingdoms, monarchs, and action scenes. The Cat Returns has better world-building than One Stormy Night. The environments and character designs are both more vivid and realistic. Despite having different setups, both anime have characters and themes that will move you. Many viewers of A Cat Returns will find inspiring Haru’s gradual transformation from timid to fearless. Fans of One Stormy Night, on the other hand, admired Mei and Gabu for sticking together in the face of numerous threats and insults from members of their multicultural tribe. The Cat Returns is another whimsical fantasy anime that shares some themes with One Stormy Night.

    Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

    The Into the Forest series by the Light of the Fireflies is fantastic. Hotaru and Gin’s friendship is explored. Gin is under a terrible curse that prevents him from touching other people. As time goes on and their feelings for each other develop, the boundaries between Hotaru and Gin begin to blur. Like One Stormy Night, the setting in this anime is stunning. Lush forests full of wonderful natural features contribute to the overall pleasantness of their environments. Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light, like One Stormy Night, is a two-character drama that focuses on the dynamic between its two main characters. One Stormy Night is not the only good coming-of-age story out there; Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light is also highly recommended.

    There She Is!!

    There She Is!! is another anime with a focus on the romance between characters of different species. This is a romantic comedy, as opposed to the dramatic One Stormy Night, and the protagonists are a female rabbit (Doki) and a male cat (Dabi). However, they exist in a community that frowns upon their relationship and views it as taboo. One Stormy Night and There She Is!! have nearly identical thematic duos. Doki and Dabi suffer abuse and scorn just like Mei and Gabu. Doki is unwavering in her devotion to Dabi, but he follows the same trajectory as Mei and Gabu, becoming increasingly uncertain of his feelings for Doki. He initially resists the idea, but eventually comes around, and the two of them fall in love. The runtime of this anime is also very manageable. Each of the five episodes clocks in at under four minutes. They put our characters in new and interesting situations. If you enjoyed seeing Mei and Gabu interact and wished they had a more romantic story, this is the show for you.

    The Ancient Magus’ Bride

    The coziness, magic, and beauty of The Ancient Magus’ Bride make it an unforgettable fantasy series. The plot centers on the bond between a slave and her enchanter master. Both Gabu and Mei are from different backgrounds, but they share a genuine bond with one another. It explores similar topics, like family and friendship, and puts its characters in challenging situations that force them to grow. Compared to One Stormy Night, The Ancient Magus’ Bride reads more like a fantastical fairy tale. There are a wide variety of magical creatures and beings from other worlds. You’ll be amazed at the amount of thought that went into their designs and at how well they mesh with the various natural settings in the anime. Both Chise and Mei feel deep sorrow and loss. They’ll meet people who care about them and can help them heal from their traumas while also making them feel unique. The couple on the cover of The Ancient Magus’ Bride, in contrast to Mei and Gabu, ends up falling in love with each other. However, The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a fantastic series with another amazing and improbable main characters.

    The Girl From The Other Side

    Another anime that follows the exploits of an unlikey pair is The Girl From the Other Side. This anime can be watched in two very different ways: a 10-minute OVA or a 1-hour-plus feature film. Both versions are satisfactory and will provide an experience not dissimilar to that of One Stormy Night. Both shows place their protagonists in mysterious and occasionally gloomy settings. Sensei from The Girl From Another World and his human companion Shiva reside in a forest teeming with dangerous beasts. Mei, meanwhile, meets Gabu in a farmhouse in the midst of a severe storm. These anime are set in environments that instill fear for the protagonists’ safety because of the inherent unpredictability and peril they present. Both shows do excellent work in examining the value of friendship. Shiva will depend on Sensei for her basic needs, such as food and shelter. People will be reminded of how Mei needed Gabu to rein in his carnivorous tendencies and keep him from devouring him. Despite the obvious differences in art style and world, the bond between Shiva and Sensei will remind many of Mei and Gabu.

    Heart and Yummie

    Heart and Yummie is a fascinating anime focused on reptiles, and its story is strikingly similar to that of One Stormy Night. This fantastic anime, appropriate for even the youngest viewers, follows a T-rex named Heart and a small Ankylosaurus named Yummie as they explore the dynamics of their predator-prey relationship. Heart, like Gabu, will have a hard time adjusting to an unforgiving world and his natural predatory tendencies. He’ll develop coping mechanisms as a result of their trials and tribulations. Therefore, both anime will provide your children with valuable life lessons and inspire them to develop empathy, compassion, and optimism just like the main characters. The visuals and animation in both series are breathtaking. You’ll feel like you’re actually a part of these worlds thanks to the detailed scenery and vibrant colors. The central theme of both anime is an unlikely friendship. The main characters of both anime series face hostility and scorn because they care about people who are different from themselves. But they’ll figure out how to overlook that and forge ahead in their own charming way. Heart and Yummie is well worth your time thanks to its captivating family story and stunning visuals.


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