Lockdown 4.0: will salons and beauty parlors now open in Delhi, know new orders

क्या दिल्ली में अब...- India TV
With the launch of Lockdown 4.0, more economic activity will resume in Delhi from Tuesday. Some restrictions have been given in Lockdown 4.0 while some restrictions are still in force. New guidelines regarding salons and beauty parlors have come, according to which haircuts in Delhi The salon And for decoration, parlors etc. will remain closed for now. Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal Said that all markets will be opened in Delhi, but shops in these markets will be opened according to the odds. However essential commodity shops will open on a daily basis as before. It will be the responsibility of the shopkeeper to follow the social distancing at the shops and the shop will be closed if it is violated.

The Chief Minister has also announced the opening of all industries in Delhi, but their time has been changed. Apart from this, construction activities have also been allowed to start. Only workers residing in Delhi will be allowed in these activities, workers from other states are not yet allowed.

Kejriwal said that from 7 in the morning till 7 in the morning, no one would be allowed to leave the house for any work except for essential services, people above 65 years, people below 10 years, pregnant women and such People who have another disease will not be allowed to move out of the house.


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