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    Lose Weight with a 30K Cavitation Machine

    Are you still looking for ways to reduce deep-seated fat from one of your body parts? No worries and no panic. Here comes the solution: a 30K cavitation machine. Whether you are finding machines for weight reduction or body contouring, the 30k cavitation machine can dispel your worries.

    How does a 30k cavitation machine work?

    Cavitation with a frequency of 30,000 can produce sound waves, which creates many gaps in the liquid in and out of fat cells. When these gaps blast, the gathered energy expands into the surrounding area. The strong vibrational waves vibrate fat. Once the pressure reaches the top, the fat cells burst, emulsify and are expelled through several body systems, leaving no fat inside. That is how it achieves permanent weight loss. The technique causes no injury to tissue, subcutaneous nerve, blood vessels, and lymph.

    What are the advantages of a 30k cavitation machine?

    • It has replaced and surpassed liposuction;
    • It firms flabby skin, enhances metabolism, and accelerates the elimination of internal wastes and dampness;
    • It relaxes the muscle and relieves muscle spasms;
    • It rapidly removes fat and sculpts the waist, abdomen, buttocks, and legs;
    • It effectively improves local buttocks, reduces cellulite of the thigh, and fixes problems such as slack abdomen after child delivery or liposuction.

    Who can not use a 30k cavitation machine?

    • Women in pregnancy or menstruation;
    • With epilepsy, malignant tumors, etc.; 
    • With acute inflammation;
    • With heart diseases or heart pacemakers;
    • With kidney stones.

    What do you need to do before and after treatment with a 30k cavitation machine?

    You need to drink a glass of water before using the equipment. And drink more water within several hours after the treatment to discharge fat decomposer and toxins. Those with hypertension, heart disease, skin disease, and severe varicosity are prohibited from using the equipment.


    Pay attention to the daily diet and lifestyle. The mealtime should be fixed. Do not develop the habit of gobbling and eating and drinking too much. Do not have dietary bias. For example, we show preferences for sweetmeat, the pig’s internal organs, and other fried food. Otherwise, balanced nutrition can not be provided.

    To exercise more every day. And to walk instead of taking a ride, do not sleep at once, sit, or lie down watching TV for a long time after meals. Have breakfast and dinner but do not overeat them. Otherwise, it may easily trigger coronary heart disease and necrotic pancreatitis.

    How long does it take to witness the outcome of a 30k cavitation machine?

    Usually, you can see changes in your body right away after a session using the machine. You are advised to take the treatment two times a week and take it for three to six months to maintain the effect. 

    Which body parts can be treated with a 30k cavitation machine? 

    In fact, you can use a 30k cavitation machine or s shape 30k cavtation machine all over the body. It’s perfect for the abdomen, thigh, buttocks, and upper arm. But keep in mind that you can not use it on the face or areas close to the heart. It’s an ideal device for removing deep-seated fat from the body.

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