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    6 First Date Outfit Ideas for Men

    Imagine, you finally get a date with the girl of your dreams. But that means worrying about how to make a long-lasting impression or look fantastic. Usually, people choose a beautiful spot for their dates, however, they forget to tailor a nice personality.

    Therefore, for you, this detailed article will help you to choose the perfect outfit. It is worth noting that you can impress a person in just 7 seconds. So, a person can like or dislike you in just 7 seconds based on your appearance.

    Brain maps a vision about any person in just 1/10th of a second. In short, make your date admire you in just 7 seconds with your style. Dressing up well makes you relaxed which helps you gain confidence for the date.

    Therefore, read this article for some outfit inspirations to make a good and lasting first impression.

    Outfit for a Hangout

    outfit ideas for men

    Making up your mind for a hangout on the first date, before choosing the place focus on your dress-code. Analyze the wardrobe and grab a dress shirt, with jeans or tailor trousers. If it’s daylight choose a white or blue shaded shirt, else choose a bit dark color for nighttime. Pairing up with boots and a light-weighted jacket or blazer makes you feel comfortable. However, what do you say to choose boots or oxford?

    Ideas for Weekend Dinner

    Usually, people are fresh away from their weekend, away from hectic routine. Hurry up and dress well to have a romantic weekend dinner. Choose a flannel shirt or sweatshirt for cool weather or in case of outdoor dine-in. Wearing overlay hoodies would be suitable. However, women love to see their partners in leather jackets. You can make a positive impression as a black leather jacket turned out to be a heroic personality.

    Movie Night

    At times, the cool breeze and silence create a lovey-dovey environment, especially for dating. Planning for a movie night is a bright idea with your friends. However, while dressing up, prefer to wear loose jeans instead of skinny, or chinos. These look cool when you are going to the cinema. Pairing with tee shirts or dress shirts adds distinction in personality. Usually, people do not focus on shoes. However, they are the main ingredient in transforming impression.

    Casual Wearing

    Suppose you are going for a date after office work, it’s cool to wear a dress shirt with a blazer or bomber jacket. These lightweight jackets suit well in a moderate climate. You can explore the Best Jacket Merch to find the one you desired. Merging joggers or sneakers would be a positive addition. You can also wear a collared shirt beneath a blazer. Wind up by wearing black shoes.

    Dress Shirt or T-Shirt?

    A study about men’s wear on dating reveals women prefer to see their partner in a dress shirt. It would be odd to see you on the first date like a young boy having no esthetic sense. Although some review, they have no issue with the dress ethics of their members.

    Replace tee shirt with a colored or button-down shirt. Alternatively, add a leather jacket or bomber uppers on tee shirts. You will realize a little addition has nailed you. This is a 20/80 rule, to achieve 80% you just need to put 20% effort. Embrace the guidance and enjoy your dating time.

    outfit ideas for men

    Cocktail Bar Date

    When a survey was launched to ask women about their favorite dating place, mostly replied cocktail bars or a place to have some alcohol. So now you have to catch up on fine dress for gathering in the bar. Pick up a smoking jacket and merge a nice flannel or plane shirt.

    Choosing chinos or jeans based on the venue. Wearing jeans with a decent white shirt would be perfect. If you are heading to casual clubs, prefer sneakers. However, if there is a formal gathering choose formal boots.


    The price of your dress does not matter but the way you are carrying it matters. Your first impression should not be like a newbie having any dress sense. Whether you are dating for the first time, or the seventh time or the 100th time, a good appearance never bothers your personality. Action has an equal reaction; positive vibes make both of you easy and comfortable enjoying the company.



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