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    Pangolin and bats deepen suspicion, virus found in research found in humans spread like humans Sars-CoV-2

    • Pangolin-CoV virus structure like SARS-CoV-2 in humans and virus named Sars-CoV RaTG13 in bats
    • Based on just one difference, it is possible that the virus came from bats and spread to humans through pangolins.

    Where did coronavirus come from? The world and institutions are lagging behind China to solve this problem. Efforts are being made to connect all the scattered links and yet all the clues are ending up on two animals – pangolins and bats.

    The evidence so far is proving to a great extent that the original corona virus originated from the bats took some strength from the pangolin and then evolved into a new form and spread to humans as the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

    Pangolin again in China study

    In his months-long research study, two leading Chinese scientists, Kangpeng Xiao, Junqiong Zhai, have concluded that both pangolins and bats play a role in the Kovid-19 pandemic of the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

    Report published in Journal Nature The new evidence found by these scientists is pointing out that a pangolin that looks like innocent in reaching coronavirus to humans Intermediate host That means there can be a middle link.

    The World Health Organization has also described the role of bats as suspicious in the past. Rohit Chakraborty, a wildlife biologist known as Batman in India who studies this research, also says that somewhere bats and pangolins can add broken links to the new virus of the corona.

    100% equality at jeans level

    Research papers by researchers from the College of Veterinary Medicine at South China Agricultural University have provided convincing evidence in favor of their claim. Scientists have concluded by focusing on pangolin and 4 special genes of Malayan species. The amino acids of the coravirus (pangolin-CoV) they found in pangolin are 100%, 98.6%, 97.8% and 90.7% identical to the genetic material of RNA spread in humans.

    Clue mixed with spike protein 

    The virus found in the Malayan pangolin has found a spike protein that attacks cells and catches them, which is exactly what coronavirus is using in humans. This is called the receptor binding domain in the language of science.

    Genome sequencing of organisms is the most important process in linking the links of the virus and sequencing and comparing the genetic material. Using the same procedure in this new study, scientists have come to the conclusion that the structure of pangolin-CoV is similar to the new SARS-CoV-2 spread in humans and the virus named Sars-CoV RaTG13 in bats.

    A difference made sense

    So far, it is believed that the new SARS-CoV-2 has been born from the same Sars-CoV RaTG13 of bats. The only difference found is that of the spike or S gene. When scientists focused on this difference two days ago, it was understood that it has reached somewhere in the body of another animal and has transformed itself into a new form. In this way it is possible that the virus came from bats and spread to humans through pangolins.

    Major role of Malayan Pangolin

    Chinese scientists have been doing this study since last year to find the source of the virus. In the month of February some things were revealed about it. The team of scientists conducted this study on four Chinese pangolins and 25 Malayan pangolins at a Wildlife Rescue Center. Tissues were extracted from their lungs and the presence of the virus was detected in them.

    In the same sequence, it was revealed that 17 of the 25 Malayan pangolins had RNA positive for viruses such as Sars-CoV-2, and they also gradually developed symptoms such as corona infection. These animals started having trouble breathing, they slowly relaxed and started crying. 14 of the 17 pangolins later died.

    Malayanor Sunda Pangolin is an extremely shy organism and a rare species. This pangolin, found throughout South Asia, weighs only 5 kg. Due to its scall it remains a target of poachers and smugglers. The female rotates with her baby on the tail. The ant, termite and insect eating animal has very weak eyes but very strong smelling power.

    Pangolins and bats alike nocturnal

    Scientists also say that since both pangolins and bats are nocturnal animals, both eat insects, and are spread almost everywhere around the world, these two animals are the ideal carrier for coronavirus of the SARS family in partnership and also evidence Are pointing towards this only.

    Scientists in the study have also clarified the development that usually natural carriers of the disease do not show severe symptoms, but if the disease passes into an intermediate host animal, it shows clinical signs of infection.

    Keep an eye on pangolins, stop smuggling and meat eating

    This is why scientists have insisted in their research that pangolin is the most trafficked animal in the world. It is the first choice of smugglers of every country and this is also a threat to the people of the world as this mammal ant-animal is also the carrier of viruses like Sars-CoV-2. In such a situation, if its smuggling and trade does not stop, then in future also Coronavirus will continue to spread throughout the world.

    That is why in this research paper, governments across the world have been told that they should put a strict ban on poaching, trafficking and trade of this animal by keeping a systematic surveillance over the pangolin for a long time. It is recommended to ban its meat completely.


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