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    Read to Know the Difference Between IQOS ILUMA and PRIME

    Most companies consider IQOS ILUMA and PRIME to be flagship products. However, in this essay, we will compare these two items in order to better comprehend their differences.

    IQOS ILUMA Prime 

    Tobacco should be heated rather than burned. The heated smoke-free system is a shell with an aluminium body and a mix of other materials. There are following few different colours to select from:

    • Bronze Taupe
    • Gold Khaki
    • Jade Green
    • Obsidian Black

    The shell accessories and the holder’s metal ring can be customised to meet your specific demands.


    Following the design that we have seen of the last IQOS, the pocket charger will be available in 5 colours: 

    • Azure Blue
    • Moss Green
    • Pebble Beige
    • Pebble Gray
    • Sunset Red

    Individual needs can be satisfied by customising the side panels, shell accessories, and metal ring of the holder. The two devices are compared below.

    1. One can see with his naked eyes that the new model will be slightly larger in size as compared to the older model
    2. So far as the taste is concerned, it will be pure since no heating plate will be involved. Besides that, there will also be no other sundries available in the cigarette bomb. Also, there will be no previous tar available on the heating rod and hence you can expect a much better taste than before. 
    3. There is no need to clean since no heating plate is available. Any tobacco leaf that is designed by your cigarette bomb will remain in the middle. No residue will be present and hence the heating rod will always remain clean. So, now you can say goodbye to all the peculiar smell.
    4. You can insert any smoke bomb that can be heated up automatically.  If you are interested then you can also turn this function off if you like just by logging in to the web page by using the official ID of Japan.
    5. You can click your heating rod 2 times to understand the number of iluma remaining. If you shake then it will mean 25%, shaking twice will mean 25% to 50%, and shaking 3 times will mean 50% to 70%. And finally shaking 4 times will mean 75% to 100%.
    6. Without any heating rod hat you need not lose your hat or even break your heating plate as you cover it.
    7. Your failure rate will be reduced. There will be no heating plate as well as heating rod cap. The tobacco leaf and the smoke bomb have been designed in the middle as a result there will be no penetration of tar and hence the failure rate will be reduced. 

    IQOS Iluma Prime is a high-end device with a deep atmosphere and a luxurious feel. The holder has a cigar-like grip and a sumptuous body design that blends Japanese-style elements.

    Iluma, on the other hand, is a more lightweight and realistic smoking instrument than Iluma Prime. We hope with the above explanation the difference between the two has been properly highlighted. 


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