Refresh your health and mood by cooking during lockdown


Lockdown has become an opportunity for many families to spend time together. Even at this time, favorite cooks are cooking and entertaining. At the same time, in many families, dishes that increase the immunity of the body are being made. This cooking habit can prove to be helpful for you even after lockdown. This is an exercise that keeps your body fit and also keeps the mood right.

Avoiding mood disorder

If you change the mood frequently, then cooking food will be helpful. Dr. Andrew McLauch, head of the UK’s Mental Hospital Foundation, says that the ingredients used in the aroma during cooking have a positive effect on the mind. At the same time, the European Research Council found in research that when the smell reaches the nose, then the cells producing appetite in the body start to become active.

Every work in the kitchen is a great workout.

All the work that is done in the kitchen, from cutting vegetables in the kitchen to kneading the dough is the best physical exercise. If you cook food in heavy pots like an iron cauldron, then the work of cleaning them, from mounting on the stove to removing it, strengthens the chest of the body. If you want to exercise more while preparing food, then you can put the daily used containers in the kitchen on a high shelf or below.

Use caution in the kitchen while cooking

These days when crores of people of the world are living in lockdown, the incidence of arson has increased while cooking food in homes. According to the figures of the American organization RedCaros, 70 people leave the kitchen and start doing other things while cooking food. Keep animals and children 3 feet away from the stove. Do not leave the kitchen while cooking.

Better food quality index

If you cook food instead of ordering food from outside, then you will perform better in a healthy food index. This fact was found by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in its study. In a study conducted on food quality in 400 American families, researchers found that these families have a Healthy Eating Index of 67. This index shows that people here need to improve their diet because they cook themselves only three times a week.


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