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    Repainting of Laminates of Your Kitchen

    Repainting kitchen laminates are a great way to change the appearance of your kitchen. If you know the right course of repainting, you can get excellent results. If you’re low on budget and keen to repaint the kitchen laminates yourself, this article will help you complete your work smoothly. Before you jump straight to the repainting process, it is essential to identify the previous paint. Doing so will help you take the right steps going forward.

    Identify Previous Laminate Paint

    Knowing the surface on which you’re going to apply fresh paint is equally important as knowing the right paint application process. If the kitchen laminate cabinet was previously painted with oil-based paint, you’d have to begin with applying a bonding primer. You can conduct a small test to identify the paint type that was earlier used on the laminate surface.

    Pick a rag and absorb it in some acetone. Once done, wipe the laminate surface with it. If the old paint wipes of the surface, it implies latex or water-based paint was previously applied. Contrarily, if nothing comes from the surface, it means oil-based paint was applied. When you go out to purchase a new paint, go ahead with something that goes in line with waterproof roof paint.

    Steps to Repaint Laminate Cabinets

    Now that you’ve identified the previous paint type, it’s time to get started with repainting your kitchen laminates. Follow the steps shared below, and you’re good to go.

    • Start with cleaning the laminate using a suitable cleaner and let dry. You can also use a degreaser if you have one.
    • Use a fine-grit sanding block to sand the laminate surface lightly.
    • Wipe the surface to make it smooth and squeaky clean. You can use a tack cloth for it or any other material.
    • Once the surface is clean, you can proceed with applying a fresh coat of good-quality paint. If you’ve decided to use oil-based paint over a water-based color or vice-versa, make sure to apply a top-rated bonding primer first. Apply 1-2 primer coats, and let it dry.
    • Check if the primer has dried after a few hours. If yes, you can apply 1-2 coats of paint and let it dry.
    • Lastly, use a good top coat to finish the entire repainting process.

    Best Paint for Laminate Repainting

    As long as you prepare the laminate surface correctly, you can use any paint you want. You can take inspiration from your interior wall color combination or even use Pinterest to get some really good paint ideas. Irrespective of the paint you choose, be sure to purchase it from a top-rated seller known for selling good quality paint.

    Final Thoughts

    A good laminate repainting job is not a day’s job, so be sure to allocate some time for this task. Painting anything in the kitchen can be dangerous, as paint spillage can affect not just the surrounding equipment but also food items. Before you proceed with repainting, take out all the stuff around the painting area and keep it in your living room or elsewhere.

    Repainting kitchen laminates is a tough job, but the value it adds to your kitchen justifies the time and hours of effort you invest in the entire process. So go ahead, and start preparing for the repainting job. Be sure to keep all the points shared above in mind to get the job well done.


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