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    Sherlock Holmes 3: Release Date, Cast, Expected Plot, Trailer And All The Latest Updates

    You are waiting for your favorite detective series to be back on big-screen. Then, your wait is finally over!  The detective-analogy bases Sherlock Holmes 3 will soon be back with another installment.

    The movie revolves around the genre of action and mystery. The series has been based on a character authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is a part of Warner Bros’ pictures.

    After the release of part of this franchise, there have been talks about its third version.

    Sherlock Holmes 3: Release Date

    Sherlock Holmes 3 was officially announced to release on December 25th of this year. But, later on it was postponed by a whole year. Thus, movie will now be dated to release on December 20, 2021. The reason for this push is not entirely clear.

    The first installment of the franchise came back in 2009, and its sequel came off in 2011. Both movies have been a significant hit gaining a huge fanbase. The production of the film hasn’t yet started and considering the present situations, won’t even begin until the job gets normalized.

    Sherlock Holmes 3: Who can be seen in the threequel?

    Without any doubts, characters of Downey and Law will both be back as without the two Sherlock Holmes remains incomplete.

    As far as other characters from the previous installments which include Kelly Reilly [Watson’s Wife Mary], Stephen Fry [Sherlock’s brother Mycroft] or Eddie  Marsan [ Inspector Lestrade] are considered, nothing as until now can be said.

    Also, a lot of new characters might be seen in Sherlock Holmes 3.

    Sherlock Holmes 3: Expected Plot

    In the first installment, we saw Holmes and Watson fighting Lord Henry Blackwood, and the sequel saw them fighting against Professor Moriarty. In this sequel, with Moriarty, Holmes was supposed to die too. But he made out alive. Thus this can leave us to think that in the new installment, Moriarty can again make his entry.

    Also, as per the rumors revolving around Sherlock Holmes 3, Holmes and Dr. Watson will return to take on Senator Cornelius Guest. The villain, as portrayed in Arthur Conan Doyle’s work, is said to be obsessed with stealing gold, will be brought to life in its third installment.

    From the official resources, the news as to what the plot might be is still scarce. It’s been languishing in pre-production for close to a decade. We all know due to Robert Downey’s Jr’s rather crowded schedule for Marvel projects.

    The time is ripe for speculation, though, as production is slated to begin anytime after lockdown amid Coronavirus pandemic.

    So will we will the brave detective visit San Francisco to take its new franchise ahead? Fans would love to see that.

    Will Sherlock Holmes 3 be all about Senator Cornelius Guest?

    The fact of the matter is that there is nothing to disprove nor confirm the rumor. It’s entirely possible that the name Sherlock Holmes 3:Senator Cornelius Guest is a cover to maintain secrecy.

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows pictured an iconic Reichenbach Falls incident. It was also mentioned in BBC’s Sherlock series in which Holmes and his arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty are both presumed dead.

    The scenario was inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Final Problem’.

    In that story and most of the adaptations, the detective always survives, while Moriarty isn’t so lucky.

    Sherlock Holmes 3 script has passed through many, many hands in the years that RDJ has been occupied in the Iron Man suit, so all bets are off as to exactly where it’s going to land, plot-wise.

    Sherlock Holmes 3: Trailer


    The filming of the movie hasn’t even started yet so the release of the trailer or the teaser cannot also be expected soon. For any further updates, keep in touch with our site’s latest news.

    Let us know what are your views and fans theories about Sherlock Holmes 3 in the comment section below.


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