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    Should You Pay Extra for Managed WordPress Hosting?

    Managed WordPress hosting plans are designed specifically for WordPress sites. They provide services such as security, maintenance, performance improvements, and regular backups. It helps in maintaining these sites at the optimal level on your behalf.

    If you opt for a fully managed WordPress hosting plan, you will get a wide range of benefits. You may be wondering if paying extra for this hosting would add value to your business. Well, let us look at some fundamental benefits that most of these plans offer:

    • Faster page loading speed: Your web hosts will offer server configurations that significantly speed up load times, irrespective of whether they are private or shared.
    • Improved security: Your web hosts will constantly monitor your WordPress sites for malware and provide advanced security features. It deters any hacking attempts on your site as well.
    • Comprehensive support: Most web hosts have experienced technicians that know WordPress inside and out. They will be at your disposal 24/7 to address any hosting-related questions and provide consistent support for a seamless user experience on your site.
    • Regular updates: Your web hosts will automatically handle any updates so that your site always runs on the optimal level.

    Do You Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

    Cost is one of the most important factors for choosing a hosting plan, whether you are a small business or a famous blogger. So, should you pay extra for a fully managed WordPress hosting plan? Well, the answer actually depends on your specific website needs.

    If you are wondering whether this hosting is worth the extra cost, you should consider these factors before making a decision:

    1. Knowledge and Time

    If you have the right skills and knowledge to manage WordPress hosting, then you shouldn’t pay someone else to handle these technical aspects for you. However, if you don’t feel competent enough or want to focus on other important things about your business, you can choose a managed hosting plan to maintain your website effectively.

    2. Website Traffic

    You should be aware of your website’s traffic and activity. It will give you a better understanding of your exact website needs and server resources. You should choose a managed hosting plan for WordPress sites only if you are expecting a huge volume of traffic consistently. Or else, you will be overpaying for the services and resources.

    3. WordPress-Specific Features

    If you choose a WordPress-focused managed hosting plan, you will get access to several features that will significantly improve your site’s performance. However, if you opt for a typical shared hosting plan, you won’t get these services as part of that plan. You may have to buy these additional features that can be more expensive than WordPress-specific plans.

    There are several WordPress hosting plans in India, and each has its benefits. You should not choose a fully managed WordPress hosting plan if you have limited requirements. However, if this hosting meets all your website requirements, then it will definitely make sense to spend that extra money.


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