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    Synthetic Urine Reviews

    There are many synthetic urine brands on the market, some are good and some are completely worthless. Things have changed recently. 10 years ago it was enough to submit something “yellow” if it was at the correct temperature, you passed the test, it was so easy.

    But these days are different, you can not pass a urine drug test with low quality fake urine. More and more lab tests for specific chemicals and if they are not found in your urine sample, you are busted.

    Many old synthetic urine brands didn’t change their formula, they sell the exact same fake pee for drug tests like in 2005. I am going to list a few brands that are NOT recommended anymore. For more in depth info, visit this post.

    Like I said before things have completely changed, there are a few things that a good quality Synthetic urine reviews , in order to pass a urine test, are the following.

    1. Urea
    2. Uric Acid
    3. It mustn’t contain BIOCIDE
    4. Should come with heat activator powder
    5. Ballanced PH and specific Gravity
    6. Other chemicals what are found in real human urine

    Synthetic Urine Reviews : Top 3 Worst Fake Pee For Drug Test

    The following synthetic urine brands didn’t update their formula, therefore they are not recommended for passing a drug test.

    They still can be used for “other “activities, but if you are planning to pass a urine drug test, stay away:

    Magnum synthetic urine: once it was a very reputable brand, basically everybody used this fake urine to fool the test, unfortunately they were too comfortable and lazy and didn’t spend time and money to improve their product. Many people failed with their fake urine in the last few days. If you are serious about passing a drug test, do not even think of Magnum Synthetic Urine.

    U pass synthetic urine: You have probably heard of U pass synthetic urine, they are the same as magnum. Once it was a great brand with an excellent reputation,but not anymore. They tried to fix their synthetic urine by adding urea and uric acid, but their fake urine still fails. I personally know many who have failed with a pass. The only reason why people would buy a synthetic urine kit like U pass is because it’s cheap and easily available in many smoke shops.

    Xstream synthetic urine: This urine brand is not better than Pax 3 review , again, once it has a good reputation and the company spent a good amount of money for advertisement, unfortunately doing good marketing is not enough. This synthetic urine brand is probably the worst thing you can get. It doesn’t contain any essential chemicals and the heat pad what they provide is often doesn’t work, just image, you have a urine drug test within 30 minutes, you open the bottle, heat the urine, but can not keep it on the right human temperature because the heat pad doesn’t work, that means you fail your test.



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