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    The Relation of Villa with Vacation is Unbreakable

    The outbreak of the Covid-19 global pandemic has put most of us under several restrictions. Life is much different than how it was a year back. Before this deadly virus came into our lives, vacations were full of fun. People used to spend time together and with their families, but in a different way. Instead of spending time confined within four walls of the house, we believed in taking a break from our daily chores and spent some quality time outside our house. That is what vacations mean.

    Vacations and Villas Adds to the Perfect Vacation

    The definition of a perfect vacation comprises a picturesque destination with your loved ones. It may consist of a mountain-filled landscape or a view of the sea waves. To add to this definition comes the villas. 

    One of the most desirable destinations for Indians is Goa. Goa is a coastal region in Maharashtra sprawling with exotic beaches and sunshine. To add to this picture-perfect landscape comes the beautiful villas in Goa. The concept of villas comes straight from the Roman culture that categorizes a dwelling unit ranging from rural to the urban interface. These houses are the free-standing units amidst nature’s landscape with an open space. The rooms also have a suspended balcony. The rooftop area is easily convertible into a sitting space.

    Some features of the Villa

    Staying in a villa, itself is a new experience above all. The villa is a new world comprising every amenity for making your stay a memorable one.

    • A Pool to Lift your Mood- Sharing a hotel pool with strangers is not a pleasant experience. However, if you wish to book a villa at your vacation, you do not have to share the pool with strangers and be cautious about your hygiene. There are usually some luxurious infinity pools associated with the villas in places like Goa. You can enjoy the sunset at the Goa seabeach staying inside the infinity pool with an edgy view. Imagine sitting with a glass of your favourite drink in the infinity pool of the villa and seeing the waves breaking on the shore. In addition to the plunge pools in the villas, they also flaunt some Jacuzzi pools. You can enjoy a hot water bath in such pools.
    • Private Movie Theatres– What about enjoying a good movie with your loved ones on your vacation. You can do so if you book a villa in Goa. The experience of the villa can move to a new level with the addition of private movie halls in the villas. There are projector screens and the latest technology-inspired sound system. The movie halls in the villas can also feature some recliner seats to give you the ultimate theatre experience on your vacation.


    Following are some of the reasons to stay in Villas in Goa:


    • Your Health Gets the Pamper– Have you kept aside from your diet on vacation? No need to worry. It is because your villa will help you take care of your health while you are on vacation. The high-end gym of the villas helps you stay fit even if you are not under restriction. There are treadmills and basic weights that comprise any gym. The mirrored walls and windows facing the sea can give a new experience while you are working out. Yoga lovers cannot get disappointed also. There are yoga mats inside the gym rooms to give time for your yoga.
    • A Stress-Free Massage Can Save Your Day- You can still have stress while you are on vacation. The villa you are staying in can help you to get the stress out of you. The private massage room in the villa consists of experienced workers who can provide you with a soothing massage after your hectic day of exploring the city. It will give you a pampering without moving out of the villa.
    • Fun-Filled Games Room– Vacation is all about fun and frolic. Nothing can be better when you can enjoy exciting games staying inside the villa. The villas consist of a games room with games of checkers, chess, and a billiard table. There is a tv screen in the games room for your entertainment when you are in the mood to enjoy some free time. There can be space in the villa for indoor tennis courts where you can chill with your friends and family at an ace time.
    • Baths can be Extravagant– Some villas can have luxurious and spacious bath spaces amidst the private garden space or sea-facing views. The bathtub holds aromatic aquatic candles. There can be Terrazzo bath fittings with hot showers giving you a spa-like experience.
    • Greenery is In– Might be it is a sea-facing luxury villa. However, we should not forget about some lush green patch while planning our stay at a villa. An open terrace space with flowering and other ornamental plants is an integral part of the villa. There should be ample sidewalks amidst the greens and airy space. The parking should also be extravagant to give way for many cars simultaneously.
    • Security is a Factor– Although the villas are lavish, you should not forget about the security of your family. Hope that you choose the best villa with utmost security at an affordable price.
    • The Best Way to Rejuvenate Yourself- Booking a villa in Goa can be a rejuvenating experience. It is the best way to refresh and replenish your inner soul. Staying in a hotel cannot restore your privacy. However, your stay at the villa can give respect to your privacy with your dear ones. You can lie down on a king-size bed amidst the lap of nature. There is no need for you to knock on the doors of a travel agent and pay extravagant expenses for your hotel stay. You can book the villa all by yourself and as per your personal choice.

    You can enjoy your time with your family and also not leaving behind your friends. If you do not want a restriction on the sunset from the infinity pool, or wish to have a self-dine experience, a villa in Goa is the best option for you and your family. Hence, the reasons to stay in beautiful Villas in Goa are very well explained above.


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