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    The Society Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Crazy Fans Theories

    Will be there be The Society Season 2? To the citizens of New Ham, we have some big news. Bigger than Gordon figured out we are in a parallel universe.

    Netflix on July 09, 2019, dropped a video with The Society’s cast officially revealing that there would be a season 2. Do you know what this means? More pie? More fugitives?More memes? And, more answers about Charlie. And, Becca’s baby daddy. And, Grizz’s hair, it’s full of secrets! Let’s get into more about it.

    The Society Season 2: Plot

    American mystery-teen drama that features a theme of survival. A  group of teens returns from their school trip to find that everyone in their town is gone. And, the town is surrounded by a dense forest with no connection from the outside world. All they have for survival is each other.

    The interesting plot of the show is one of the reasons for the success of the show. Following the success, The Society is renewed for another season back in July 2020.

    The Society Season 2: Release Date

    The Society season 2 release date, during the time of renewal, the show makers expected it to be the end of this year. It would be around a year and a half after the release of the first season.

    However, before the production was wrapped up the world went under lockdown due to the pandemic across the world. Following the norms of social distancing, all production work was halted which is allegedly caused a delay in the release of many shows.

    The Society season 2 may also face delay and be released by 2021. However, it is not certain as we do not know how long would this pandemic last? Hopefully, if it is cured in a couple of months then we may get the second season by the beginning of 2021.

    The Society Season 2: Who might appear in the next season?

    All those characters who are still alive from The Society season one are expected to reprise their roles. A couple of recurring actors from season one have been promoted to the main cast.

    Olivia Nikannena.k.a Gwen, who recently tested positive for deadly coronavirus, has been promoted to the main cast and has been Clarke’s on-and-off girlfriend.

    Another character has been added, however, it has not been revealed yet.

    The Society season 2 may feature the character’s quest to the outside world. Will they succeed in that? Answer to that lies beyond the release date.

    The Society Season 2: Cast

    The main cast is returning for season 2 of the show as :

    • Jack Mulhern as Gareth ‘’Grizz’’
    • Spencer House as Clark
    • Emilio Garcia-Sanchez as Jason
    • Salena Qureshi as Bean
    • Olivia Nikkanen as Gwen
    • Kiara Pichardo as Madison
    • Grace Victoria Cox as Lexie
    • Naomi Oliver as Olivia
    • Kelly Rose Golden as Marnie
    • Matisse Rose as Jessica
    •  Alicia Crowder as Erika
    • Benjamin Breault as Blake

    The Society Season 2: Fans Theories

    The Society season 2 could be coming soon to Netflix. If the ending of the first series is anything to go by, it will start to explain what happened to the show’s cast of teens.

    Netflix viewers have their own theories about New Ham and their people. Whether they’re in parallel universe or dead in a purgatory?

    The Society season one showed that the parents of the teens think they are dead, but whether that is true is a mystery. Are the teens dead in The Society?

    The Netflix series has implied the group in a parallel universe, but one possible theory is that they are in fact all dead and in purgatory.

    At the end of the first series’ finale, viewers see the original town of West Ham the group has disappeared from. In the time since they vanished, their parents have put up a memorial featuring the names of all teens who are in the alternate version of the town.

    Threads that are sure to be picked up in The Society season 2 include the role of a bus driver who drove them from their homes into a new town. In addition, we get to know a lot about the strange graffiti and the weird smell that appeared in the city on the day, the teens got disappeared.

    Dropdown your crazy theories about The Society season 2 in the comments section. We would like to hear that!


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