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    Tik-Tok Chinese app commits $250 million for COVID-19 relief fund

    Tik-Tok is one of the fastest thriving mobile video app, the most adorable app for Vloggers, Stars and videomakers. As the Experts says that this is the fastest-growing mobile app ever, runs across the world by lovers.

    Tik-Tok, the Chinese app pledges, to contribute $250 million for a relief fund to help COVID-19 warriors across the world. US official and lawmakers said that the relief fund would be for “COVID-19 warriors, educators, front line medical workers and the most affected community by the massive disease”, this contribution will help them the most to take a fly for commencing new life with decent features.

    Good news is that the moves stepped by Tik-Tok is also pursued by other technology corporations like Google, Twitter, Facebook and Netflix as well as leaders of Amazon and Microsoft also contributing for containing this massive epidemic affecting the world.

    President of Tik-Tok “Alex Zhu” committed in a statement that he will play a significant role in contributing for drive away from this crisis from the whole nation’s affected from COVID-19. He wants to concrete relief those are most affected by this massive disease.

    Tik-Tok announced that $150 million would be distributed for hardship relief for health care workers, medical staff and shipping through the US centres for controlling this crisis. And to WHO(World Health Origination) and those agencies shipping the essential supplies to other countries including India, Italy, Indonesia and North Korea.

    Another $50 million to be allotted for learning funds to support the distance learning efforts. Tik-Tok contributed another $40 million for Tik-Tok users community, educators, nurses, musicians and artists coming on the Tik-Tok’s platform.

    And Zhu said that last $10 million would be donated to Tik-Tok’s community relief funds, including Songwriters, Artists and musicians hurt by the cancellation of performances by this epidemic.


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