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    Tips For Choosing A TV Mount

    One of the decisions you will have to make before buying a television is whether you are going to place it on a piece of furniture or on a stand. If you want to keep a decoration line aesthetically simple, TV mounting may be the best solution. But, before installing it, you should know if the wall is suitable for the bracket placement. 

    In addition, before starting the installation you should know if you will also need to install more equipment that will be connected to the television in order to calculate the installation location correctly. Find out below what details you should take into account before choosing the right support.

    1 – Check the size of your TV

    To prevent the support from being too small or large for your television, it is important to know its exact dimension. The supports allow the installation of televisions of various dimensions and, therefore, being sure of what the inches are is essential before purchasing this type of product to avoid choosing one that does not correspond to the size of the television. You can also visit painting services Brooklyn.

    2 – Measure the VESA of the TV

    The VESA are the standard and universal drilling measurements on the back of the TV for the application of a wall bracket. You can refer to the manual of your TV to know these values ​​or use a tape measure to be sure of the correct measurements. 

    To do this you must measure the distance between the horizontal and vertical holes in millimeters. These two measurements are the two VESA dimensions that can also be found in the specifications of the TV. You should know that not all manufacturers follow the VESA standards. If your TV falls into this category, you’ll need a universal TV mount, which can be adjusted to align with holes that aren’t VESA-compliant.

    3 – Find out about the weight of the TV

    Like the dimension, the weight of the TV can also influence the choice of mount. The larger the screen size, the heavier the TV will be and therefore the more support it will need. All TV mounts have a maximum weight capacity, so you should always compare the weight of your TV with the maximum weight indicated. This way you can prevent your TV from falling.

    4 – Choose the movement

    Not all supports are fixed, so if you don’t want one of these, you can choose a moving support. In the latter case there are two options to consider: the Motion movement and the Full Motion movement. In the case of having a slim TV, do not forget to check if the support is indicated for this equipment. For installation purpose you should visit king installation services.


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