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    Tips for Pairing the Right Jewelry with Different Outfits

    There is a good reason why jewelry is considered the women’s favorite accessory. It can turn any boring and plain dress into something extraordinary. Whether you want an accessory that could add a pop of color to your dress or something that can draw the attention of people to your otherwise boring outfit, jewelry is your best bet.

    Now, the way you pair the jewelry pieces with your outfit matter as much as the quality of the jewelry. You can’t just pick any random pair of earrings and wear them with your traditional dress. It doesn’t necessarily have to match your dress, but try to pick something that complements your look. Here are a few tips for choosing the right jewelry for your outfit.

    •     Choose a Necklace According to the Neckline

    Accentuate your dress by selecting the jewelry that complements your neckline. For those who prefer a strapless outfit, the choker will make a perfect fit. Any necklace that sits snugly around your neck will look good with a tube or crop top. For a one-sleeve dress, a complex and embellished necklace that hangs around your neck is recommended.

    Women’s Necklaces Add A Touch of Glamor. You’re never fully dressed without a smile…and a rocking necklace.

    •     Consider Pattern on Your Dress

    The design of the dress is one of the most overlooked aspects of your outfit. You must always select a pair of earrings and a necklace that match the design of your outfit. This tip really matters when you are wearing a dress with a bold design. Consider getting a customized pendants or jewellery design in diamond to complete your look. Take a dress with a striped pattern, for example. You can’t pair such a dress with hoop earrings. That will be an odd combination.

    •     Keep it Simple yet Stylish

    You don’t have to put on a lot of bracelets and rings to look cool. A simple look has become a new standard in this modern age. Nowadays, formal and traditional dresses that are worn on special occasions are often paired with simple and decent jewelry. Ladies wear their engagement rings and put on a pendant to complete the look. Sometimes, you only need casual and small sets of jewelry for parties and special events.

    •     One Focal Piece is Enough!

    While bold jewelry looks wonderful when it is combined with large and similar jewelry pieces, it is not always a good option. A chunky and dangling necklace will never look good with hoop earrings. In fact, you should try not to wear any jewelry at all when you are wearing a heavy necklace. That will work as the statement jewelry or a focal piece that draws the attention of the audience.

    •     Wear at least One Statement Piece

    It’s okay to go without wearing any jewelry for a casual occasion, but your look seems incomplete without a nice pair of earrings or a bracelet. If you are wearing a casual outfit or something boring, consider pairing it with a fancy necklace or dangling earrings. Browse around here to find the right jewelry for any outfit.


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