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    Tips for Repairing Water Damage

    Did you have water damage occur to your home in Ogden? After shutting off the water source and electricity, you may now be wondering what to do next. Looking around at the damage can be overwhelming, so here are some tips on how to begin the repair process.

    1. Dry it out

      It is important to get rid of all moisture as quickly as possible before it causes more damage. It is important to check around for any small leaks that are still leaking water. This may be hard to find but should be done thoroughly. Fans are great to use to circulate air and dry out the area. You do not want any moisture left after your water damage repair in Ogden.

      2. Remove Soaked items

      It would help to remove any permeated materials such as carpet, insulation, fabric, wood, and drywall. You may be able to salvage some of those items by letting them dry out. However, others may be damaged from warping or shrinking, and if they have started to grow mold.

      3. Inspect for mold

      After items that have been damaged by the water are removed, you should inspect for mold. Since some types of mold are toxic to humans, you should take the necessary precautions. If there are small amounts of mold, you can try to remove it. You can also call an expert equipped to handle mold. It is important to remember that mold can show up in hidden areas like inside walls or under floors. A professional can find those areas that you may not think to check.

      4. Disinfect remaining items

      The next tip is to disinfect the rest of the area. Bleach is a good solution, along with a variety of other chemicals. If you have hired professionals in Ogden, they will have the right cleaning materials. To help eliminate mold spores, wipe down the area before starting repairs.

      5. Start Repairs

      Focus on repairing the ceiling first as it could sag and collapse. Take proper time to ensure the water didn’t cause any structural harm to the beams or rafters. After taking care of the ceiling, you should inspect and replace any wood, particularly the floor. Wood that is starting to warp, rot, or get moldy, will need to be replaced. If these wood pieces are structural components of your home, you will need to be careful to ensure it has the right support.

      If you have had water damage to your home in Ogden, these tips can help you know where to begin the restoration process. Be cautious of mold, as it can be toxic. Dry everything out and disinfect materials as quickly as possible to eliminate any more mold growth.

    The experts at water damage services Atlanta can help restore and repair your home from water damage.



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