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    Tips To Help You Grow Huge Marijuana Buds

    With the legalization of cannabis in most states, many people are now opting to grow their cannabis plants in their respective homes and enjoy the plenty of benefits that cannabis offer to its users. Cannabis has been proven to offer numerous medical benefits, such as relieving pain, treating various ailments like epilepsy, cancer, and relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety.

    When you decide to grow your cannabis plant, you need to ensure that you get a high harvest as much as possible. A cannabis plant with huge buds translates to a great harvest. But how do you achieve huge marijuana buds? Well, keep on reading the article to explore some of the tips to help you grow huge marijuana buds.

    1. Choose the best genetics

    Choosing the highest-quality cannabis genetics is one of the best ways of growing humongous marijuana buds. High-quality seeds will produce huge marijuana buds. Go for high-yielding cannabis strains. Indica is the best in this case; it will not disappoint. Some of the strains you can choose include Black Domina, Northern Lights, Super Skunk, etc. In addition to that, remember to get your seeds from a genuine seed company if you want to get massive harvest and high-quality yield.

    1. Provide adequate light

    Your cannabis plant needs adequate light to grow and thrive. Adequate light can help you get high yields and huge marijuana buds. If you are planning to grow your cannabis plant indoors, you can use artificial lighting to support bud growth. If your plant doesn’t get enough light, it will look quite pale. To increase the light intensity, place the lamp closer to the canopy. Make sure you don’t bring the light too close. You may end up burning or stressing out the plants.

    1. Ensure that your cannabis plant receives adequate nutrients

    During the flowering stage, you need to reduce the amount of nitrogen supplied to your cannabis plants and increase the phosphorous levels. Nitrogen is typically associated with massive vegetative growth. So the plants won’t need it to develop thick buds. On the other hand, phosphorus promotes bud production, which is why flowering composts tend to contain high levels. If you are growing in soil, you could go the organic way. Chicken manure and bone meal are great sources of phosphorous.

    1. Check out the pH level

    The pH level plays a huge role when it comes to the absorption of nutrients. Cannabis plants generally do well in a slightly acidic root environment of pH 5.5 to 6.5. If the pH lies outside of this range, the roots will have a hard time absorbing the essential minerals needed for most favorable growth. The plant will get sick and starving. And when that happens, chances of it growing huge buds are limited. To avoid this problem, check and adjust the pH every time you are watering and feeding the plants. You should also monitor the pH regularly since it usually fluctuates.


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