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    Trump prohibits foreigners from issuing green cards and H-1B visas until the end of the year; Google CEO Pichai said – we are with the migrants

    Washington: US President Donald Trump extended the time to suspend several visas related to jobs issued to foreigners, including H-1B visas. A senior White House official said Monday that foreigners will not be issued a green card until December 31.

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the migrants helped make the American financially stronger and made the country topper in the field of technology.

    He said that Google is at this stage because of the migrant employees. I am disappointed by the government’s decisions related to immigration. We will stand with the migrants and work to provide them all kinds of opportunities.

    Instructions to stop misuse of H-1B visa

    Trump has also directed to stop misuse of H-1B visas. If someone does not follow the visa-related rules, the US Labor Department will take action against him. However the issuance of visas for food industry, medical and some other sectors can be approved. In April this year, the process of issuing H-1B visas was suspended for 60 days.

    Decision was taken due to increase in unemployment

    The epidemic in the US has suddenly increased the unemployment rate. This decision has been taken to reduce its impact and save the jobs of American citizens. At present, this ban is temporary. Any further decision on this will be taken after reforming the US visa process. L-1 visas issued to employees transferred from other countries have also been banned.

    New rules will affect 5 lakh jobs

    Trump may ban the issuance of H-1B visas as well as H-4, H-2B, J and L visas on Tuesday. Trump called for the immediate closure of the lottery system for such visas. The US government said that the new restrictions related to visas will affect 5 lakh 25 thousand jobs by the end of this year. So far more than 3 million people have lost their jobs due to the spread of infection in America.

    Will affect india

    Except H-2B visas, all other visas will be suspended. H-2B visas are especially useful for immigrants from Mexico. Every year in the US, 1 million employees come from other countries. US lawmakers said the unemployment rate is so high that there is no reason to grant visas to these employees.


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