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    Upcoming iPhone SE 2 leaked information and expectations

    As the year is progressing toward mid of 2020, Apple can’t have all the time slip by, so they have decided to launch their brand new version of iPhone SE2. It is believed that the launch may happen on the 15th of April.

    The iPhone SE was a massive launch for the Indian market. It surely paid off to apple. The design of the iPhone se1 was very similar to iPhone 5s. Even they were sort of identical. But the difference in inner was huge. Once you pull off the backs of the iPhone 5 and SE, you get to see the difference in design and hardware.

    Expected price:

    Taking the vision of SE for the market, this model emerges as a flagship killer of the iPhone. This device earlier had a smaller display with better and powerful software and hardware as compared to other models of iPhone. This is what we expect from iPhone se2 to be like. It will surely have vast improvements, and we can expect some upper midrange Apple chip in it with an upgrade in camera and battery department too. But they do need some cost-cutting, so it is for sure you can’t expect the flagship-like experience from it. Still will be having some of the features borrowed.

    It is expected that the device will be launched around 27-32k Indian rupees. Expecting the brand value and rumored specifications looks decent.

    Expected specifications:

    As we consider the price and the way it apple had priced their device. This phone is a bit different this time. It can be termed as an apple’s flagship killer. Well, this flagship killer term can not be used for the market; it is only for the devices of apple.

    The rumors suggest that the device will be launched with a 2000mah battery. This size is a bit low as of 2020. With the display of 4.7,” and this size is quite handy, but there are other rumors about the screen being 6.1 inches, which I don’t think is going to happen. Most of the people love this size phones. Other stories suggest the scale being 4,” which I won’t prefer.

    Apple has tremendous experience in market analysis, must have considered that the size to be too small. The main factor is its powerhouse processor Apple A13 bionic with 3GB of ram. This is the main deal and the borrowed feature of iPhone’s last year flagship iphone11. With a camera combination of 7MP and 12MP.


    We can finally say that the iPhone SE is expected to launch on 15th of April with key features:

    • Battery-1960 mah
    • Camera- 7mp, 12mp
    • Screen size- 4.7 inch/6.1 inch/ 4 inch
    • Processor- Apple A13 bionic
    • Ram- 3 GB
    • Storage- We aren’t sure that apple will include 16 GB variant, or they have planned to head start with 32 GB


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