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    Vehicle’s Tires: Understanding the Basics

    Your vehicle is part of your lifestyle, and it takes you wherever you want to go. However, if you do not give your vehicle the right type of tires, you may not get to where you are going safely. A lot of drivers do not give much thought to their vehicle’s tires. Your tires are important because they are your vehicle’s connection to the road. The right type of tires will increase your vehicle’s performance and give you a safer and smoother ride.


    You would not wear leather boots when running. The same principle is true with tires. Different tires have different purposes. When you plan to buy van tyres, you need to choose tires to match your driving lifestyle. For example, if you spend more time travelling on dirt roads or rugged terrain, your vehicle should have tires that have widely-spaced treads to be able to grip rocks and eject debris. It is therefore important to know the basics about your vehicle’s tires.


    Parts of the Tire

    Your tires are made up of a combination of rubber compounds. The natural rubber has more elasticity and is more resistant to tearing and cracking. Tire manufacturers combine natural rubber with synthetic polymers to form a whitish rubber compound. Tires will become black after carbon black powder or soot is added to them. Soot is added to increase the strength of the tires and increase friction. Silica is also added to increase the grip of the tires on the road.

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    When you buy van tyres, you may get overwhelmed when the tires salesperson asks for tire size or shows you tires with different sets of numbers. These numbers indicate the size of the tire. The first sets of digits will tell you the width of the tire in millimetres. The second number will indicate the height of the tire as a percentage of the tread width. The third set of digits will indicate the wheel diameter that the tire may use. So, if you see a tire that has the following numbers 225/50-15, this means that the tire has a tread width of 225 millimetres, has a sidewall height of 112.5 millimetres, and can be used for 15-inch rims.


    When choosing the size of the tire, the first number will indicate how much surface area is going to touch the road. On the other hand, the second set of numbers will tell you the height of the tire. It is important to know how much clearance you have between your rims and your chassis before choosing a new set of tires. Tires with sidewalls that are too high may rub against your chassis every time you hit a bump. The bumping of your tires to your chassis is dangerous and may cause your tires to wear out or burst.


    Types of Tires

    When you buy van tyres, you should also consider the type of tires you will get. If you are always driving on paved highways and rarely drive on rugged terrain, it is best to purchase all-terrain tires. However, if you are off-roading most of the time, it is best to put on a set of mud-terrain or rock-crawling tires.


    When you buy van tyres, make sure that you are matching your tires with your driving lifestyle. Remember, choosing the right tires will enhance your vehicle’s performance while giving you a safer ride.


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