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    Ways to Ensure Longevity of Your Car

    It is hardly unlikely to hear a car owner say to its beloved car, ‘it’s time for you to go.’ Regardless of how old the car gets, your memories attached to it will always be priceless. This is why you should take all the chances you get to make your car genuinely last.

    From utilizing mobile car detailing services to checking the air pressure in the tires – there are many ways to extend the life of your car. 

    Here are the top 4 ways to ensure your car is up and running for many hundred miles in the future!

    1. It’s Time to Change Oils

    Regardless of how many times you would have heard this, it’s time for another round of reminders! Change your oils.

    All the tightly-knit parts of your car’s engine require a drizzle of oil lubrication to cool off and work smoothly. If you skip your regular oil changes and forego the filter changes, you risk slow efficiency and complete breakdown of your car’s engine. 

    With no oil changes, the metal-eating sludge will hamper your car’s functioning, damaging it perpetually and thus increasing your car insurance.

    2. Filter Swaps are Crucial

    Your car filters act as the protective shield that keeps your engine clean and free from intrusive debris. While the oil and fuel filters confine abrasive sediments, the air filters keep away all the dirt and dust. 

    It’s time you pick up the owner’s manual and learn the guidelines for filter changes. While there are is no set deadline for it, it would be best to install new oil filters during oil changes and swap air filters as per your surroundings. 

    For example, if you live in Melbourne, you wouldn’t require frequent air filter changes since the air quality is ranked ‘good’ according to international standards. 

    3. Don’t Forget the Fluid Changes

    Engine oil is essential, but so are other fluids. Periodically replace the power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and radiator coolant.

    It’s essential to check the level and condition of the fluids between every mobile car detailing service. With a keen eye, you are likely to notice the changes in fluids before they can cause damage through leaking, etc. 

    Every few weeks is a reasonable time frame to keep a check on car fluids.

    4. Good Garage, Happy Car

    The science behind this is simple! 

    If you keep your car safe from the changing weather – extreme heat, heavy downpour, and chilly cold – then it’s likely to last longer. It helps preserve the car interiors from the area’s flora and fauna and ensures the car paint stays for long!

    If you live in Melbourne, you must be aware of the city’s unpredictable weather. You can experience all 4 seasons in one day! That must be fascinating in its way, but for your car?

    Let’s keep it in the shed, protected and away from everything that could create any dent!

    Wrapping Up

    Keep your car safe and secure. In turn, it will take you on the rides of your life!

    Maintaining a car might seem daunting after the first few years, but this is precisely when you should get even more attentive. Check the oils, change the filters, keep an eye on fluid levels and keep your car in a nice garage. 

    When in doubt, always turn to the owner’s manual, always get to the car services and repair on time and drive safely.

    With these tips, you will be driving your car around the block a couple of thousand times until the wheels pop off!

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