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    Where to Buy Face Masks in Bulk?

    Global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has dramatically increased the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), straining the supply chains and causing many retailers to scramble to find adequate stocks. In particular, disposable face masks of various quality levels are purchased in enormous quantities both by medical institutions and by private citizens. Because of this, knowing where to buy bulk volume of such items is extremely important for public health, but also for small businesses such as drugstores or pharmacies that keep face masks in their inventory.

    As factories and other businesses are opening up across India, there is an increased need to secure access to large quantities of high-quality N95 face masks and certified surgical masks.

    Why buying in bulk is advantageous?

    Despite increased retail prices of protective equipment, it is still necessary to get favorable wholesale offers in order to turn out a profit. Considering that face masks are disposable and must be replaced regularly, the level of demand remains nearly constant and can be expected to stay close to current numbers until the pandemic is brought under control soon. Since the supplies are exhausted quickly, it’s very important to buy from a source that can deliver large quantities on a regular basis. This is why working with UrPrinters.com is a great way to ensure constant replenishment of your stocks no matter how many face masks you need. With direct deliveries anywhere in India and stable prices, we can be the reliable partner you need to keep you protected throughout the emergency.

    Transparent and secure supply channel

    For companies like UrPrinters.com that regularly serve the B2B market, this challenge was an opportunity to showcase their agility and flexibility. In addition to having the sufficient capacity to serve even the largest corporate clients, we have a fully transparent and fair business model that protects the interests of the customer. It’s possible to receive and inspect samples of face masks before ordering large quantities, guaranteeing that the delivered products will meet the strict quality standards. Logistics and shipping are also the responsibility of the supplier, so our clients can focus on the distribution of face masks to their own employees and reselling to the population at large through retail outlets.

    To find out how to order your own quantity of surgical or epidemiological masks to any address in India, visit www.urprinters.com and get firsthand information about their product portfolio of personal protective equipment.


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