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    Why I am Not Going to Renew My PMI, Agile & Scrum Certifications (2020)

    If you’re among the Project Management field, or if you’ve constantly wanted to immerse yourself throughout this thriving discipline, you’ve possibly questioned concerning what steps you’d prefer to need to urge certified to advance your career. The Project Management virtuoso (PMP) and PRINCE2 certifications unit of measurement is very supposed among the sphere and will validate for employers your understanding of key project management concepts and, therefore, the thanks to using them throughout the project management lifecycle.


    So that begs the question: that certification is correct for you? It’s not a simple decision, to be sure, however, worry not – we’ve done plentiful of the toil for you! this text offers a top-level view of PRINCE2 Vs. PMP certifications, necessary edges, and job prospects for everybody. Browse on to make the proper choice!


    What is the Key distinction Between PRINCE2 Vs. PMP?

    Fundamentally, the PRINCE2 and PMP Certification involve two all completely different project management frameworks. Everyone provides a body of knowledge, and a tested approach to managing comes effectively. Selecting one over the alternative may be a decision that involves several factors. The most effective choice have to be compelled to be supported by the trade or company you are going to build a career in, and conjointly the design of the project you’re reaching to lead or direct. Every certification program unit of measurement of equal value, albeit in many aspects of project management.


    The Project Management virtuoso (PMP) Certification

    One of the foremost very regarded certifications among the planet for project managers, the PMP or Project Management virtuoso Certification, maybe a qualification program that is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Varied industries use PMP as a customary demand for project managers. Turning into a PMP empowers you to work with any methodology and in any trade. The certification course covers an oversized spectrum of project management techniques and competencies that unit of measurement necessary for any project manager and will facilitate increase your earning potential. This course, administered by PMI among the USA, has together gained quality in Europe and Asia.


    The PMP Qualification
    Image result for The PMP Qualification

    It is indicative of your proficiency in practice the PMBOK Guide, the Project Management Book of knowledge.

    Verifies your info concerning “generally-accepted” best practices and principles of project management.


    The comes in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) Certification.

    The PRINCE2, or ‘Projects IN Controlled Environments’ certification, maybe a process-based project management technique that provides a scientific approach to delivering a prosperous project with clear templates, processes, and steps. The certification is methodology and project-focused. PRINCE2 is run among the dominion by the APMG.


    The PRINCE2 Qualification


    It is a broad, high-level, general framework of project management principles that suggest it’s urged for and will be implemented with relation to any project.

    Has a well-laid out and standardized approach to project management.

    Spells out the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team tasked with managing the project.


    Divides the master project started into project plans, stage plans, and team plans, which eliminates ambiguity and makes it easier to execute the project.

    It is every project and methodology targeted.


    Industry Demand


    If you’d prefer to urge one in every one of these certifications, it’s a necessity that you simply do your analysis before you begin to steer down one path vs. the other. Each certification is in higher demand in specific geographies, so you’d prefer to see that of the two certifications, which will boost your employability. Also, one or two of trade sectors like PRINCE2 certification, whereas others just like the PMP certification.


    The PMP certification is most well-liked among the USA, Canada, geographical region, and Australia. PRINCE2, however, is recognized among the dominion, Europe, and Australia.


    Region-Wise Preferences of the Project Management Certification


    PRINCE2 Vs. PMP: pay Prospects


    Several studies and surveys show that certified professionals in project management earn way more than their non-certified peers. Having a project management certification, significantly ones like PRINCE2 and PMP, signifies that a person is responsive to and understands the universal language of project management.


    The PMI Project Management pay Survey – Tenth Edition states that the salaries of project managers around the world still climb.


    In the U.S. alone, the everyday annual pay of a licensed PMP is $112,000 p.a. They earn a median of two-hundredths quite their non-certified peers. The most effective average get PMPs is within the European nations at $130,966.



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