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    20% of Patients already admitted in UK found corona positive, reason- staff not checked and security arrangements

    The risk of corona is not only outside the home, but also the patients already being treated for the disease in the hospital. Similar cases have been reported in Britain. 20% of general patients admitted to the hospital were found to be infected with corona. The figure has been released by the UK’s largest health agency National Health Service. There were cases when the death toll from Corona in Britain reached 34,636.

    Medical staff was not even done until corona test

    According to a report by DailyMail, a senior expert says that one of the reasons for this is due to medical staff not having corona test. Due to which the infection reached patients through them. At the same time, the other reason was given that some health workers did not have adequate security arrangements.

    Surgeon also believed that his department happened

    A surgeon from a UK hospital says that this happened to some patients of my department before the lockdown and he died. In March, 80-year-old Marita Edwards underwent a gall bladder surgery and died of infection a short time later. Marita was the first person in Britain to die from Corona.

    Son told his mother’s story

    A female scavenger was admitted to the Royal Gwent Hospital in South Wales. He underwent an operation on 28 February. Some time later he was reported corona positive and died about three weeks later. His son says when the mother felt that there might be corona, the mother was shifted to the isolated ward but by then the coronavirus had spread in the hospital.

    There was a similar mistake in Italy

    Son says that at the last moment I could not even kiss my mother’s hand. He had a mask on his face and died a very painful death. Virus expert Giorgio Palu has warned that health systems in Britain and Europe may also spread coronavirus. He says a similar mistake in Italy had increased the number of cases in January.

    Advise the patient to stay at home

    Giorgio Palu says that Corona-positive patients should be advised to stay at home to prevent infection, or else the cases will increase in the hospital. By doing this, cases of infection can be reduced.


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